Message for U.S. Citizens: Outreach Trip to David, Chiriqui-March 29, 2016

Following is the latest ACS message.

The American Citizen Services (ACS) Unit at the U.S. Embassy in Panama would like to inform U.S. citizens in Western Panama that we will be visiting David, Chiriqui on Tuesday, March 29, 2016 to provide consular services to U.S. citizens.

We will be at the Hotel Ciudad de David in David, Chiriqui from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. on Tuesday, March 29, 2016. We will offer the following services:

  • Applications for U.S. passports (these services will be processed in Panama)
  • Passport Renewal (adults and minors)
  • Lost or Stolen Passports
  • Notarizations
  • Abandonment of Lawful Permanent Resident Status (please bring from I-407 and Permanent Resident Card)
  • Voting registration (please print and complete the form at: For specific questions about voting in this year’s elections, please email


1. Please bring legible photocopies of all documents to be submitted.

· If you are requesting the notarization of your driver’s license, please bring a photocopy of the front and back page of your license. If you are requesting notarization of benefits documents, please bring a copy of the document(s) showing the amount of benefits you receive monthly or annually.

· For adult passport renewals, please bring a copy of the photo page of your passport. For minor passport renewals, please bring a copy of the minor’s passport as well as each parent’s passport.

2. Please bring the exact cash amount to pay for the service.

3. Please bring completed forms. Please access the following link for information on fees, and forms you need to download, complete and bring:

A representative from the Federal Benefits Unit (FBU) will be offering the following services:

  • Medicare enrollment/cancellation (copy of current passport or cedula will be required)
  • Application for SS replacement cards (copy of current US Passport)
  • Application for new SS card for children under age 12 (copy of US Passport for one of the parents, the child’s copia integra and passport)
  • Change of address/residence (copy of current passport or cedula will be required)
  • General inquiries
  • Provide proof of life forms

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