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Lilliam and I have been keeping an eye on our spending. From what we can see, we’re very, very good at it.

Observations After the March Embassy Outreach

Yesterday, the U.S. Embassy held an outreach at Hotel Ciudad de David in David. Cynthia Caplan, the ACS Chief introduced the new Boquete Warden, who replaced Price Peterson. Price had served Boquete for more than 20 years, if memory serves me correct. The new warden for Boquete is Hank Landis and the Boquete Alternate is Bonnie Williams.

Considering the Embassy Outreach meetings, I always learn something from the new contacts I meet.

Sometimes I go to to the outreach to get something attended to, such as document authentication. Sometimes I go to just let people know I am in David and available in case help is needed.

I always enjoy meeting people and continue to be amazed how many are new with less than a year experience in Panama.

A couple observations following the meeting. Continue reading Observations After the March Embassy Outreach

It’s true that when one door closes, another opens…
Sometimes it’s in the floor.

I’m not a doctor but I know adding cheese to anything makes it an antidepressant.

Hours, Minutes, Seconds and Days

Hours, Minutes, Seconds and Days
By Don Ray Williams
March 27, 2016

I have been counting the hours, minutes, seconds and days.
Filling my time with TV, and eating until I’m half crazed.

I have learned that being alone is one thing, but being lonely is worse.
It’s a pain that can’t be eased by a doctor or nurse.

You’ve become so much, a part of my life,
First a friend, then companion, then lover and wife.

That when you’re not here I have this terrible void,
That nothing can fill and where nothing’s enjoyed.

The TV is on and I forget what I was watching,
Was it music I heard or was it just merely talking?

Food is tasteless and ice cream is bland.
Being alone is too hard for this mortal to stand.

Soon you’ll be home and my life again complete.
I’ll say I’ve been fine and it wasn’t much of a feat.

Still no matter what you hear or what I might say,
Know that when you are not here, I miss you each hour, minute and second of each day.

No Rest For The Wicked – Or the Lazy

On Easter Sunday, I find myself looking at all of the loose ends I have before me.

Lilliam returns tomorrow evening from her extended visit to Costa Rica. I am sure she has enjoyed her visit and being with Sofia on her birthday, seeing how much both Sofia and Santiago have grown and learned since Lilliam’s last visit, and being with Susan, Christian and Natalie for Easter.

I don’t want her to return to a complete mess.

I have today and part of tomorrow to make the house look semi-presentable. Lilliam never expects miracles, but she also doesn’t want complete disasters.

I think only one of her plants died. It wasn’t my fault.

She had two plants on the side of the BBQ and the strong winds had blown the BBQ cover over one and I didn’t see it when I was watering all her plants.

Yesterday I put the cover back on the BBQ and OOPS. Well, that plant needed to be replaced anyway. Not sure Lilliam will see it the same way.

I have two loads of laundry to get done today. The sink is full of dirty dishes and that is on my list of things to get done. I hate to think how much worse it would have looked without eating out as much as I did. I hate washing dishes.

My uncle called yesterday. He said plans were shaping up for his 100th birthday and he planned on being there for it.

He was still upset about needing to use his walker following his two knee replacements the end of last year. I asked if it had affected his checking on the farms. He said he was fine once he got in the pickup and had no problem driving. Incredible.

When I got up this morning and felt a few pains and aches, I knew that I had nothing to complain about. Sometimes I think I have seen a lot of changes in my life time. Uncle Horace had see much more and is still planning for the future.

Well, the sink seems to be calling. I have put off my chores as long as I can. Have a Happy Easter and I will check back in if the house passes the Lilliam inspection.

Something From Way Back

When Lilliam is away, I eat out a lot. If you looked at my sink in its current situation, you would understand why. While I don’t mind cooking a little, I hate cleaning up. Hence, I eat out. Note to self! Wash dishes before Lilliam returns.

Yesterday, I wanted something different. Something from the past. Something that would bring back happy memories from a time gone by..

No restaurant in Chiriquí came to mind as having anything close. I decided to go to Super 99, which carries more specialty precooked items than other supermarkets I have found in David.

I found it. Some of my favorite things. Maybe not gourmet, but certainly capable of bring back pleasant memories.

20160325_143417The first thing I found was some Dr. Pepper. While the new 99 didn’t have the original Dr. pepper (it often carries Dr. Pepper), I did find some Cherry Dr. Pepper. That would work.

20160325_143423Next I picked up a bag of Lays Potato Chips. You can’t eat just one.

But for the pièce de résistance, I found a real memory grabber.

Are you ready for it?

Can I have a drum roll please!

Feast your eyes on something I haven’t seen in years.

Certainly I have never seen it in Panama.

What would appear before my eyes in the frozen fast food portion of the store, but ….

I bet you are wondering what delicacy I found aren’t you. What could it be? A heat and eat Chicken Fried Steak with french fries and cream gravy. I WISH, but no.

How about chili and cheese enchiladas and all the trimmings. Again, that isn’t it.  Continue reading Something From Way Back

A Page out of History

Last night I stumbled across a documentary called “Bettie Page Reveals All”. It was made in 2012 and was about the life of Bettie Page. She narrated much of it and told what was going on in her life at each stage.

I imagine many reading this blog may remember the woman who was known as the pinup queen of the fifties. To be honest, I remember seeing several of her bikini photos in college, but never knew anything about her.

The photos I remember of her was of the girl next door type that all young men would like to meet. So, having a “bare” recollection of Bettie Page, I started the documentary.

I was soon hooked and watched all hour and forty-seven minutes of it. What was as interesting to me as her story was seeing and remembering the culture and times of the fifties. While she was a centerfold in 1955 for Playboy, I didn’t know what a Playboy was then, being only 13 at that time.

1955 was about the time my mom and I moved to Odessa, Texas. The previous year, my dad had died and left my mom with me and several farm debts in Oklahoma. I remember that television in fifties covered the Kefauver hearings. It was presented as a world crisis and everyone had to be watchful of their neighbors to see if they were communist sympathizers or, even worse, out and out communists. Continue reading A Page out of History