Back To School

The schools in Panama started back today. If you were out at the malls, over the weekend, ,you saw a lot of activity. There will be more this week too as final purchases are made.

New school uniforms, books and supplies. And all prices are going up. Lots of families feel school related stress this time of year.

Many churches have programs to help students with expenses. Lilliam and I have contributed to our church’s student support for many years.

If you want to be a part of assisting students in need, you might check with your local church and see if they have a similar program.

6 thoughts on “Back To School

  1. thanks for letting us know…we will be there in a couple weeks. By the way a friend has moved to Panama City but is interested in possibly teaching in the David/Boquette area….do you know how she would find out about teaching openings??
    thanks for all your valuable info!!!

  2. It depends n what kind of teaching your friend is thinking about. As a volunteer, it would just require visiting some schools and seeing how one could help.

    If it is work for pay, then a work permit will be required.

  3. What??!! When I was in school (back in the 70’s and 80’s) We will start on April 1st. What a short vacations. And there is school during the fair, bet you less people go because of this.

  4. Hil, They are hoping to have an outreach in April. The new Ambassador is in Panama now and things have been too busy to hold the one they wanted to have in March.

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