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  1. That’s the problem….blah…blah…blah…and nothing gets accomplished here unless a bunch of money gets paid to the politicians. The gross corruption and incompetence, both in past administrations and the current one, is mind boggling!!!! All that Varela has accomplished is turning Panama in to a POLICE STATE!!! Hiring 5000 more cops, who basically just stand around texting all day. Also, spending millions of $$$’s on projects that are not necessary now instead of delivering WATER and SANITATION to the citizens or providing services and MEDICATIONS for CSS and SALUD.

    How about legalizing HEMP production to add millions of $$$’s to the economy and provide industry jobs like other Countries have done. But NOOOOoooo, the ignorance and incompetency continues to grow here.

    There is much more I could address but a nap is due very soon. So I bid all a good day for now..


  2. My wife is Panamanian but was sent to the States when she was 17 to stay with her aunt in Chicago where
    she attached the Univ. of Ill. Chicago.
    She Graduated with honors with both
    a BA and MA in Education. She then
    used this to teach initially @ U of Ill
    moved to Los Angeles …attended 4
    different Universities achieving 4
    additional degrees in education while raising a family and giving
    back to the United States children
    …she eventually retired as a district
    Administrator 5 years ago when we
    moved to Panama from the U.S.A. .
    now in her mid sixties.
    She is VERY angry at Panama as to how the Goverment is using the
    people. She initially attempted for
    2 years to give back to Panama what
    knowledge she had gained in the
    United States working for MEDUCA.
    Evwrything she attempted to do for
    Panama Education …she found herself being blocked as was TOLD
    to Stand Down…. After TWO YEARS
    of this MORASS. …ahe became too
    frustrated and for hwr sanity. ..
    RESIGNED !!!!
    It is her feelings after working inside
    the Goverment of Panama, that

    THUS, after being here for 5 1/2
    years. …she has given up…. we are
    selling our home in Las Cumbres and will return to the U.S.A. once done. We have over 27 family
    members on my wifes side that live
    here….but our happiness with the
    country as a whole do not foresee
    any changes in the near future from
    the government in control. They
    wish to keep the people dumbed
    down as much as possible. They
    allow others from outside of
    Panama to enter and take over jobs
    and other positions for short periods
    of time without truly envolving the
    local Panamanian workers.

    All…have a blessed day…. we will
    leave the poaaible future in your

    Ron ( :- > 《

  3. I too am married to a Panamanian woman. She graduated University here and is also a minister in her church. She is amazed at how incompetent the govt agencies are and the hard time they give to the Citizens. Ron’s wife is correct in her assertion about the gov’t and unions in its treatment of the citizens. Unfortunately the country lost a valuable person bcoz of its incompetence and refusal to change for the better.

    Varela is nothing but a talking head spewing the propaganda line the elite want to be spread around. We need a President like Trump to lead this country into the Greatness it can be and NOT just another POLICE STATE, as its turning into to appease the EEUU.

    There is so much infrastructure that needs to be addressed not to mention the condition of SALUD and MEDUCA before they start spending millions on project that are not necessary at this time.

    Wake up Panama and revolt against the system…..


  4. Panama has only had 5 elected presidents since the ousting of Noriega. Of those, only Mireya and Martín have had governments which tried to improve the conditions for the common people. The power brokers in Panama have made graft and payoffs a way of life.

    Expecting Panama to operate the way things operate in other countries is an exercise in futility. If anyone is going to “fix” Panama, it will have to be Panamanians.

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