Meeting Julio

I dropped into Plaza Terronal’s MStore and met Julio Quintero, who has assumed the Apple service position that I mentioned in a previous post.

While I was there I inquired in what they could and could not do, as far as service.

Here is what I learned. Apple does not allow any Apple service center in Panama to replace a broken screen in an IOS device. It must be replaced by Apple in the U.S.

I have learned this in the past, having tried to repair an iPhone whose screen had been replaced in David and Apple in the U.S. would not look at it.

With the exception of a broken IOS device screen, they can service all other problems. To be clear, if you have an IOS device and the screen is not broken, but is not recognizing the touch, they can replace the screen and all internals.

They can replace a broken screen on a laptop or iMac. It is strictly the broken IOS device screens where Apple is more restrictive.

I spoke to Julio and asked how he was with English. He said if people spoke slowly and clearly he could understand them. I understand how he feels because, after 13 years living in Panama, I still run into Panamanians that I have a hard time understanding in Spanish and have a hard time understanding my Spanish.

Lucky for me, Lilliam understands me the majority of the time.

Julio is a Chiricano and lives in David. I enjoyed meeting Julio and will introduce him to you via the following photo.


If you are near MStore, drop in and tell Julio you saw him on Chiriquí Chatter. It is good to have authorized Apple service in David!

12 thoughts on “Meeting Julio

  1. Good to know, Don. The question is why no service broken screens for IOS devices? And why didn’t they explain this to me when I was there with a broken iPad screen? They led me to believe that it could be fixed in PC (but that it wouldn’t be covered by my U.S. warranty plan). Maybe Julio is going to do a better job with customer service.

  2. I don’t know Bonnie. When I went today, I went with specific questions of what they could and couldn’t to. As I wrote, the reason is Apple policy. The MStore can do the same warranty repair work as any other authorized Apple repair center in Panama. No more – No less.

    At least there is authorized service in David.

  3. Vonking I have a Verizon phone and it works fine. You should definitely buy a chip from a local provider or Verizon will rape you on roaming charges. Movistar or Cable & Wireless work fine. Your iphone comes unlocked for international use.

  4. It is not listed online at all. Google or otherwise. I hoped maybe since you were in seemingly close proximity and actually spoke with the service guy, Julio that you might have obtained a number.

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