I have spent over 3 days trying to get into only to get a message that the site was un-accessible.

I know this time of year that all tax sites are under an increased load, but this is ridiculous. I have tried multiple browsers, cleared all cache, tried it from multiple devices and internet providers and have concluded that the problem is the tax act servers.

For a while, I thought it might be Cable Onda, but tried it from my Claro account and got the same thing.

I hope this gets fixed soon, I would like to get my taxes finished by the the end of the month and a couple other projects finished in March and have the rest of the year for Lilliam and I to do some fun things.

I don’t want to switch from taxact, since I have found it the cheapest way to file, but will change to HR Block if the current access problem doesn’t get solved soon.

I still have some time yes since I haven’t received all of the documents I need for filing, but I like to have a trial version ready that just needs to be modified with current year information.

UPDATE: My daughter could get into in the US. With that information, I installed a VPN and can access the site. It just didn’t make sense that a major tax site would be down this long.

I had two other people in David try the site and neither could access the site. Therefore it is outside my house.

Now I don’t know if it is being blocked before leaving Panama or by CO. However I think the problem is bigger than Cable Onda, because I can’t access the site using Claro either.

May have to make a trip to CO and talk to their technicians.

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  1. Hi Don, I just filed ours thru TaxAct early last week and didn’t have any problems. Sorry to hear you are. I guess like you said, just keep trying for now. . .

  2. I will stick with TaxAct. I have used it for years and now that I can access the site, there is no reason to change. I. Do want to understand where is being blocked. If it turns out to be a filtering problem in Panama, that will be disappointing to learn.

    I did try HR Block today and didn’t like it as well as taxact.

  3. I use Tax Service Inc. They Are in Panama city. You fax your papers to them. I have been using them for over 10 years. Never a problem. phone 314-1001, excellent English, fax #228-1483 Ask for Danny Clark. In business for 40 years. He worked in the states for 30 years. I like things simple. 150 bucks isn’t going to break me

  4. I would not pay $150, when I can doit for $15. And $150 wouldn’t break me either, but I prefer doing my own and don’t trust others to have my best interests .

  5. I own 6 rental properties in the states and property here. So I guess my situation is different then yours. I spend 150 bucks on taking my family out to dinner here. I take my car to a mechanic and my accounting work to a CPA. Sometimes the cheapest isn’t the best. To each his own.

  6. As you say to each his own. My degree is in math and I have no problem doing my own calculations. I did it before there were PC programs.

    My filing is not what I would consider a simple filing.

    When spreadsheets came out on PC, I used to translate my tax forms into the spreadsheets. I still do that for my state filing.

    I have used private auditors before and always used my filing instead of theirs and finally stopped using external all together.

    It is also true that the mot expensive is not always the best either.

    What I consider more important is the possibility that Panama is filtering US Site access.

  7. Taxact for me. I have used them for more than a decade, never a problem from the US. I have gathered a few tax documents but haven’t even downloaded the current year’s taxact. I need to get on it, I suppose. 🙂

    I wonder if other online tax preparers are blocking overseas access? Perhaps the USA has found another way to track overseas citizens for the SSA? jim

  8. Update: just visited the site from Fort Worth, no problems BUT required an update to my account with new user name, password, security questions, etc. Once that was done, all my account history was there from before 2008.

    It would seem they have upped their game on security issues so that could include filtering overseas access. jim

  9. They allow foreign filing addresses, and it doesn’t make sense to cut off part of your market.

    However, it is a possibility. I am sure my trip to CO will be a waste of time. Yesterday, I did write TAXACT and asked if they were filtering foreign locations and should get a response in 48 hours based on the message of the logged question.

  10. I have always downloaded the program. It is part of my procrastination process. 🙂

    Also, I have had to review past filings for visa applications for relatives and it’s just easier to review on the PC. Downloading also buys additional efilings for the family.

    The download was 27 meg and went smoothly once past all the security updates.

  11. Hi Don Ray, Taxact is filtering access based on IP solely on whether the IP is outside of the US or not. Nothing to do with Panama; I am in Europe and have same issues. Now they won’t even let me use a VPN, which last year worked. Retards,

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