POL and Lost SS Payments Follow-up

I took Natalie to visit Robert today. While they were talking, I wrote the Embassy to see if they had learned anything about the missing SS payment. This was the response from the FBU.


I just verified the International Treasury Service and no one is showing up with the SSN provided. When this happens it’s because the address on record with the SSA is not a local address.

I sent an inquiry to the SSA on his payment dated 02/03/2016. Beside the POL, his benefits could be suspended for address reasons also. I’ll wait to see what the SSA responds.

In these particular cases where the beneficiary is unable to handle their own affairs, someone, preferably the person taking care of them, should apply to be the representative payee.


What can be learned from this response? Several things if you look carefully at what was written.

First, you will notice that the Embassy contacted the “International Treasury Service”. They do not interface with the stateside office of the SSA. This is why I said in previous comments that state social security offices are not up on the requirements of US citizens living outside the US.

Second, the international office has no record of any individual residing in Panama with this SSN. This tells you that the individual moved here and did not change his/her address with the SSA. He/She had not registered a local Panama address.

Third, the FBU is saying that the payments could have been stopped because of address reasons. This may mean that while all payments are being deposited in a bank in the US, it was noticed that all withdrawals are coming from Panama. I don’t know this for a fact, just analyzing the reply.

Lastly, the reply suggests that if the individual is not able to manage his/her financial affairs, it is preferable to have a person, responsible for care taking, doing it. This will be difficult in the situation, since the caretakers are not family.

I hope I’m wrong, but I suspect the individual will be lucky to get the payments turned before the next month pay period. The problems would have been avoided had the individual registered his Panama residency with the SSA. Then the SSA would have sent out a POL form to be returned.

In summary, this is a US citizen with a US address registered with the SSA and money being deposited to a US bank. Seems like this is what others have commented was in compliance SSA requirements.

8 thoughts on “POL and Lost SS Payments Follow-up

  1. Don, I have a US address on file with SSA in US. My payments are EFT to the National Bank of Panama, I have been to the SS website and the format required will not allow entry of either my Panama address or telephone number. I have spent hours on Skype negotiating the automated phone system without speaking to a human and being on hold. Any suggestions?

  2. I think you will have to submitt form SSA-21 which is the change.of address form. I would suggest you email the FBU in the Embassy in Panama City for assistance.

  3. Don Ray: I believe you should get a medal for having the patience of Job. The hyperlink from the SSA:


    For those who question “WHY”, go into the “What’s inside” to see the actual governmental publication. IT seemingly applies to ALL Expat’s worldwide.

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