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I mentioned the other day I had made some technology purchases recently. One was the Nvidia Shield K1, which I really love. Nvidia has still not issued a formal fix for the Android Marshmallow 6.0 battery problem, but since I chose not to update, it hasn’t affected me.

From following the Nvidia thread, it appears that the fix is close and many have tested it and found that it solved their problem. I will wait until the final fix is issued and stable before I move to Android 6.0.

None the less I really love my Nvidia Shield K1. Likewise, Lilliam is loving having her own iPad that isn’t being changed into English every now and then. It makes sense. If there are two people, there needs to be two tablets. Lilliam has really gotten into this technology thing and can WhatsApp with the best of them.

Another piece of technology i bought was a rapid charger for the nvidia shield and a rapid mobile charger for use with my cell phone in the car.

However, my most fun technology purchase was the ASUS ZenWatch 2. I had been researching smartwatches since Apple came out with theirs, but only became interested after buying my LG G4 cell phone.

The ASUS ZenWatch 2 was at least a ⅓ to ½ the price of other Android watches and at least ¼ of an Apple watch. It runs Google’s standard Android Wear OS and the only feature it is missing, from other Android watches, is the heart monitor.

I decided if I was able to look at my watch, then it was highly possible that my heart was still beating and decided to spend less money on a smartwatch and chose Asus.

After using it a couple of weeks, I am finding that it has more value than I thought it might. It connects to your Android phone and acts as an extension. It prevents me from having to remove my phone for messages and notifications. They now only require a glance at the wrist.

If I put my phone on silent and forget to activate the sound later, my watch vibrates when a call comes in and I don’t miss the call.

One very nice feature is that it tells me if I leave the house without my phone. I don’t know how many times I have gone to the store to get something and Lilliam wanted to call me only to realize I had left my phone at home. Or worse, ihate to get home and see that I have a missed communication from the Embassy.

Now if I leave the house without the phone, I get a message that the phone disconnected from the phone. I turn around and go get my phone.

Best of all, when I get bored I can chance the watch face and feel like I have a completely new watch.

I watched so many YouTube videos on all of the Android watches, that Lilliam wasn’t surprised when one arrived at eShop in Boquete. The model I purchased came in a gunmetal gray case with matching band.

I understand that Android is rolling out their next version of the Android Wear OS and I will actually have a Dick Tracy watch. Doubt if I’ll actually answer my phone with my watch, but it may be fun at parties.

Sure, like I go to a lot of parties. It is proving more valuable than I thought it would. I bought it for the fun of it, and have found it to be more than a gimmick. I am sure they will improve over time and become more important.

Who knows, I may need to use it to call someone when I fall and can’t get up.

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  1. I have looked at the Amazon Echo, but can’t find anything I could justify it for.

    Hill, Amazon had one they sold as refurbished for $169, which was the same as the one I posted for $199. It cost me about $7+ to send it to eShop.

    It looked like new. Covered in plastic and absolutely perfect.

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