Nvidia Shield K1 Tablet (With a HUGE Warning)

I have been on another buying spree. This post is going to be about one of the purchases.

It is a Nvidia Shield K1 8” Android tablet. Before I discuss the tablet, let me say that I ordered it through Amazon and had it delivered to eShop in Boquete. I have dealt with several mail forwarding businesses in Panama and without a doubt, eShop is the best.

Now to the Shield tablet. Since it is designed as a gaming tablet, it is extremely fast. I have turned over my iPad 2 to Lilliam. I had set the iPad up in Spanish and now I don’t have to keep changing the configuration. When I had the iPad in English it made it more complicated for Lilliam to do a google search in Spanish.

Now I have the iPad tailored to her needs and I have set up the Shield tailored my needs.

Now a HUGE warning about the Nvidia Shield Tablet. Nvidia started pushing out Android 6.0 in December. Big mistake! When I started the Nvidia Shield, it asked if I wanted to take the over the air upgrade to 6.0.

I declined. Fortunately I do a fair amount of study before I buy a product and after I buy to be ready to use it. During the period before I got the tablet, I had read many of the horror stories about upgrading to Marshmallow (Android 6.0). Here is the forum thread on the problem.

The upgrade to 6.0 literally makes makes the tablet unusable. I have also read about several cases on other devices where the migration has caused problems.

It seems that Google is following in Microsoft’s footsteps and pushing out new releases before they are fit for public consumption. Both Google and Microsoft share a similar problem not shared with apple. They both provide an operating system that is used on many manufacturer’s hardware that they don’t control.

It is about a month since Nvidia pushed out 6.0 and a fix to the problem still has not been issued by Nvidia. I don’t recommend doing the upgrade until the problem thread shows a resolution. It requires too much technical knowledge to re-install the previous version of Android.

Too bad, because this is a wonderful tablet. For my needs it is better than the iPad mini. It fast. It is reasonably priced. In fact for the price, I don’t think it can be touched.

Amazon is taking in a lot of returns because of Nvidia’s error in judgement. I expect there to be a lot of used Shield K1s for sale in Amazon because of this mistake. If the price gets good enough, I may buy some for gifts.

I have installed KODI on it and it works like a charm.

I will provide another update when I have a little more experience. I highly recommend this tablet as long as you don’t upgrade to Android 6.0 until Nvidia provides a fix to their problem.

All of this post was written on the Shield tablet. Google docs is better than I gave it credit for in a previous post. Maybe that was because I was using it in the cell phone.

Photos of my Shield K1 in its cover follow.

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5 thoughts on “Nvidia Shield K1 Tablet (With a HUGE Warning)

  1. Speaking of E Shop: I’m pleased by their friendly service, and rates, however I never received one package. After being a week overdue, I emailed them asking about the delay. Another week went by with no response so I sent another email. Karinthia asked for the tracking number. Sent it again. Another week has passed with no response. Disappointed.

  2. The issue with E-shop and your package not arriving is most probably due to the “change of guards” at customs. Each year, apparently, they hire new agents. I know that a large shipment from early January has been held up in customs. I have been told by Karinthia that the shipment is due to be released any day and we all should be getting our delayed packages.

  3. Thanks Joyce. Wonder why I hear nothing from E Shop. A package arrived in Miami after the missing one arrived, and I picked it up in Volcan within the normal time period. I’ll keep waiting.

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