We Are Being Mauled Malled

When I was with Marion getting her driver’s license renewed, I saw that Chiriquí Mall is expanding. An addition, equal to the original, is being added to the side going to the frontera.

We are definitely being mauled malled. Where all the shoppers are going to come from for all the new locations is a question I have no answer for.

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9 thoughts on “We Are Being Mauled Malled

  1. Build it and they will come!!! Sounds like they might be reading NY news papers!!! 🏧🏪🏩🏭⛲😱😱

  2. Eventually Panama’s economy will.crash… That should be interesting to watch… From very very far!!!

    If thieves are out and about now… Imagine what would happen in a crisis!!?

    People do not make enough money to buy those expensive homes… And businesses do not give enough money for the insane lease prices…

    Eventually constructions workers will have no work….

    Oh my…..

  3. Shoppers come from costa rica centralmerica and the carbbean. They always cime to buy in panama and re sell in their countries. They use to go to panama city. Now they wont need to go that far. Very simple. New yorkers or americans have never been the biggedt shoppers here. A lot of south americans alo shop in panama. .

  4. Bring on the malls; I will help keep them in business!! I really am looking forward to Reba Smith coming to David!

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