Home Invasion

Home Invasion

I mentioned the other day about another home invasion in David. I mentioned that the fellow at the hospital information desk did not know the whereabouts of the individual I was asking about other than knowing he had been in the emergency area.

I know the individual for many years and I wrote him. I am including his replay.

Hi Don Ray, 

I spent from 3 AM Friday until 7 AM Sat. all in the Emergency Room. I have 4 cracked (They say broken) ribs. They wanted to hold me overnight to make sure there was no internal bleeding and that I had not punctured a lung. The guy had my ankles bound. He pushed me and I fell against the dining room table. I am okay as long as I am standing or lying down. It is the getting up or getting down that hurts.

I made a report at the police office before I went to the hospital. A pair of officers from DGI came to interview me. Two other pair of officers came to visit too. I have the case number and email address and phone of the guy who did the translating. The one good thing that happen is the bad guys did not take my passport

My landlord lady took great care She took me there and checked me out. She  paid the hospital bill. She even paid the pain medication. The landlord even had the handyman change out my locks on Sunday. We think some how they had a key. There was no forced entry.

The emotional damage is a bit hard to handle.

My friends around here are watching after me. It will just take 2-3 months for the ribs to heal at my age. I had a cracked rib before years ago.

I am doing okay. Thanks for asking.

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  1. where was this. i live in questa del sol and would like to know the exact location of this incident please.

  2. I am glad to hear the gentleman is okay; it could have been so much worse. I hope all break-ins in Chiriqui are not only reported to local law enforcement but reported to law enforcement in Panama City, and to el Presidente. Praise to the landlady who helped, and even paid for the renter’s care!! She must be a very special person!

  3. Hi everyone,
    I’m sorry to heard what happen to you Sir, you’re very fortunate that they didn’t go any further regarding your health.
    I hope no one will get offended from my words, I already mention this in another post before.
    Panamenians are a big family and ……….. they will go to any extent to screw people up including themselves, I’m not including everyone of them in here, a lot of people here are very straight forward.
    Any foreigner that lives in here is constantly watched by the people around them (friends or the ones they’re working in their homes).
    They know every step & if not they make things up how they go about anyone they’re watching.

    Every foreigner specially Americans are hated by many people here, even though they smile at you sometimes.
    Your money & your possessions is what they’re after, never mind your honest friendship with them.
    Where I live there isn’t a wk. that is somebody kill in this town & this is between themselves, image if they will care about us.
    These are terrible atrocities, people cut up in pieces, don’t it matter they ages, kids, old persons, women.

    Police comes, take the ones alive in, 3 wks later they’re back in the streets drunks/ full of drugs doing the same thing again & again.
    One have to be very careful to the ones one talk to, the DEVIL is everywhere.
    Never see anything so bad, like in the last yrs. living here.
    Like we say ” it will get worse before it gets better”.
    Sir I hope you get well soon, the emotional damage is there, you’re right, but give it time it will heal.
    Just be careful who you talking to & you friend with, I know if you rent in there somebody else may need to have the key, just think for yourself from now on.
    Wish you well, regards.

  4. Sorry to hear this, and hope he recuperates soon.

    Don Ray, I go to that nearby Romero at times (in fact I bumped into you there a couple of years ago) as it is close to where I play tennis. A few weeks back I was talking with a gentleman, and fellow gringo, there who said he lives close by, and not at Cuesta. I certainly hope it`s not him.

    Was the gentleman a smallish, slim pensioner by chance? If so please give him my best.

  5. Mr. Ray,

    Did your friend get a physical description of the assailant(s)?
    A 400 lb Panamanian would/should be easy to pinpoint.

    I was stationed in Ft.Davis/Kobbe back in the middle 1990’s.
    I fell in love with that country.
    I travel yearly to Chiriquí (Boquerón).
    Crime is very low, compared to the Dallas/Ft. Worth area.
    You have to always be alert ANYWHERE you go, sadly.

    My house was completed 8 years ago.
    Had 1 attempted break-in 6 years ago, by some teenagers.

    Thank goodness that they were stupid, and I have vigilant neighbors (wife’s relatives).
    Also, my windows and doors are ALL barred.

    Not just Panama, but the whole world has gone nuts!

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