A Reminder

While I was at the driver’s license renewal office at the Chiriquí Mall, I noticed some foreigners that were unaware that to enter all Panama government offices, you have to be properly dressed.

Here is the sign depicting what will not be allowed inside.

This means if you are robbed and need to make a police report – dress appropriately. If you need to report a lost passport – dress appropriately. I was stopped a couple times before I finally learned.

15 thoughts on “A Reminder

  1. Yes, I was denied entrance due to wearing flip-flops (my bad), then was told to leave the front of the building, while waiting for my wife outside.

  2. I wonder what they do about Indians. All the ladies wear is those big dresses with flip flops. My girlfriend and I haven’t tried that yet. lol

  3. The rules are flexible. If you go to a government office, including Banco Nacional, you run the risk of being denied entrance if the guard does not like the way you are dressed.

  4. Ray, hate to ask you this, of the eight pictures i could only make out five. I realize if I were there I could and would read them, but to be prepared before leaving the house, would you mind very much just naming the items. Thanks loads! LOL

  5. I don’t own any flip flops. I don’t have a pair of shorts. I do wear hats but that a person can take off right quick. It is refreshing that some folks expect you to dress appropriately in public places. The anything goes look is out.

  6. Indians?, un poquito mas de respeto, ese es su pais, esos vestidos grandes, son su ropa de vestir, de estar en casa de celebrar de salir, son mas panameños q todos, aprendAmos mas de su nobleza.

  7. This must new or geographical rules. Except for the pets and guns I was allowed to report stolen passport and get new temporary one to exit in panama city. Police estacion to report passport theft for exit also. Also they had no issue with my personal attire which may or may not have been abit on the disheveled side of “appropriate.” They even let me use their pen and gave me a light of my Jailsmar.@ the american embassy. I t5hink there was a coffee vending machine too! I actually like the signage though it would make a good poster for in my basement next to fridge.

  8. Well ssid latiude. If the law applies fir pansmsnians ehy shouldnt it for forrigner

    I had a pest control business in california and most of our customer were sheriff offices highway patrol offices county offices and government institutions.they all had a dress code for visitors. No spaguetti straps no shorts bermudas or capri pants no low cut cleavege shirts no mini dkirts. No wrapons no dogs no skating ir bicicling in the premises etc

    When we worked with oeace corps. Volunteers to dress properly to behave ptoperly. Msny dressed snd smelled terrible. They were put once in a fncy nice hotel and they took off their clothes and jumoed completey naked in the swiming pool in font af all the other guests including kids. The hotel had to call the embassy to mive them to snother hotel.

    Another day in las tablas one volunteer pulled his pants down in las tablas park. He appeared in the news because he eas being filmed.

    What i the big issue here?

  9. The no hat is becsuse the cametas can film your face. With a csp its really difficult . Plus it a luttke dusrespecful. The font alliw hats in sone govmt agencies in the us. As well as all other things you listed.

    Follow the rules. They have their right .

  10. Maybe the government offices are taking dress code do’s & don”ts tips from Esmeraldas. i do miss that place.

  11. Shorts, tank tops, flip flops are deemed beach wear and Panamanians find it offensive for anyone to wear that type of clothing in public places .

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