Yesterday I went to the Regional Hospital to get a PAW (Privacy Act Waiver) signed by a man from Boquete so the Embassy could talk to his family.

Another lady from Boquete was on the third floor in intensive care that I didn’t see.

Met another man in the Emergency room from Boquete that had an infection and was waiting for an antibiotic injection. Said he had been waiting inside the Emergency area for over and hour and hadn’t seen anyone.

Asked to see another man that had called me from the Emergency area the previous day. The hospital records showed he had been admitted the previous day, but had no record of where he was.

He lived a couple blocks from Cuesta de Sol in David. He was the victim of an armed home invasion and suffered a broken rib. Phone, PC, and money were taken. I am a little concerned that the hospital had not other records for him.

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  1. No Other Record of his where-abouts ??? S.O.S. !!!! same ole Stuff….. typical of Panama regardless where you live…..we live in the up-scale area of old Las Cumbres, many well to do old family Panamanians — homes up scale, security ….you name it….yet, Public anything is next to nothing …. we made friends with a Col. from Panama’s P.D. and by throwing his name and some people have checked his position…. we here in this neighborhood and our surrounding people get a lot of police presence because he lives here as well. The Mototcycle police are running around here constantly and have a sub-station 7 streets away. Medical services….are very sad…..regardless of where we go…..

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