Cable Onda – Good To Their Word

20160108_105956Two days after Jose and his crew came out and got me going again, another two man crew came out to replace the cable connecting the house to the street connection and replacing the run inside the house.

Lillian said the improvement in the colors and TV picture had greatly improved.

All my KODI movies seem to play immediately. My internet has never been this good since I have lived in David.


7 thoughts on “Cable Onda – Good To Their Word

  1. I thought it was bad coax and connections. Copper always has problems (when old) and add some defective connections just adds to the problem. Maybe CO can implement some best practices with their Techs for future trouble shooting. Requires total logic and not starting in the middle and working to both ends. Glad your at full speed and clarity.

  2. We – my wife and I – originally were going to move to David area when we were planning to retire here. My wife left Panama when she was 19 and moved to Chicago to attend the Uni. of Ill, Chicago and lived with an Aunt there. She now has 11 different degrees all in education. I am just a Plain old retired Aerospace Engineer with one degree and retired from JPL after putting my final touches on what is now Curiosity roving around Mars. We came here in Dec 2010 and made our home closer to my wives 5 aunts …. in Las Cumbres area of Panama. That said….we also have Cable Onda and they’re OK but, there’s still a lot left to be desired as to their attention to customers. We’re glad you had good luck, and most possible because you gave them a little Hell out there. Good for you. Everyone have a most Happy New Year, 2016 and OBTW….don’t forget that this year, there’s an extra day called the 29th of Feb….. Ron y Bedalia

  3. wow…..great !!!!! Keep us posted. Lets hope this is the end of the nightmare. Took us a long time here in Brisas as well. It was outside line/pole work that worked for us. That seemed to slow down the repair truck that was replacing modems and installing inline filters right and left non-stop..

  4. The acid test will be if the speeds are still good after a season or two. Sealing up the connections against moisture and corrosion are the key to keeping the troubles away. Hopefully Jose and crew won’t be back anytime soon.

  5. 0.97 upload that is not good at all my friend, besides, cable onda just keeps ignoring the community and only cares about the money they gain, they don’t even try to fix their problems until like 1 month after

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