Report on Shooting in Volcancito on Wednesday

The following was distributed by Boquete News and was a member alert from Rodney Direct. Home invasions are continuing in Chiriquí.

Member Alert

Jan. 8, 2016

To: Released with permission to News Boquete

We have an early, unconfirmed but authoritative report on the shooting of Richard Moore in his home in upper Volcancito on Wednesday morning:

At approximately 10:30 in the morning on Wednesday, January 6, Richard Moore was preparing to take a shower when he heard noises on his terrace. His wife was away at a class, and he was alone in the house. He went into the living room (naked) and saw 3 black men on his terrace…with a gun. He turned to run away and they shot 9 times, hitting him once in the back shoulder and once in his ankle. They entered the house and demanded he open his safe, which he did. They took the contents of the safe and other items such as Kindles and laptops. They then tied him up and left the house. His wife returned to find him tied up on the floor and bleeding. He underwent surgery on Thursday for 6 1/2 hours to repair his ankle. A $5,000 deposit was demanded by Chiriqui Hospital before they would admit him. The police responded and report there is lots of evidence, including fingerprints.
We wish Richard a speedy recovery and we will keep you up to date as new information becomes available.

Any questions?

13 thoughts on “Report on Shooting in Volcancito on Wednesday

  1. Wow, so sorry to hear this. Well, the pólice have lots of evidence, lets hope that when they are caught, it is not thrown under the rug, and these guys end up in jail for a long long time. Get well soon sir.

  2. Now the hospital rips him off for $5000 by demanding it. The thugs probably were lucky to get $1000 and he is shot and hurting. Interesting how a robbery seems a lot like Gringo Bingo. Wonder who else you have to pay in order to get these guys arrested. If they are kids, it will be the 12th of Never.

  3. The number of Violent crimes has more then doubled in the past two years… In my opinion it will probably double again in the next two years … Hopefully, I am wrong …but don’t count on it !

  4. Richard Moore is well known in Boquete. He is affiliated with the Alto Crimen organization in Boquete. And conducts home inspections for Alto Crimen. He also is known to do public speaking on crime prevention in Boquete. He ran one at the Posada on august 8th directed towards crime prevention for ladies.

  5. Don, las ferias son events nacionales,para ir y disfrutaron en familia, but not anymore, los criminales ven en estos events la oportunidad de hacer de las suyas, el juego vivo abunda,y parece q todo es valido, cuando mas nesecitas a un policia”buena suerte”,no he podido ir a mi chiriqui y disfrutaron una feria, for fear de q algo me pueda pasar, a cuidarse y como decia mi abuelita con un ojo adelante y el otro atras.

  6. I keep repeating myself over and over… make noise people… Peaceful Marches and Vigils.. Keep quiet and nobody will ever listen.

    You are only lying to yourselves if you think our government official and police give a damn.

  7. Johana is right the feria brings ctiminals from other areas. Its well known. Feria hasnt started yet but criminals are arriving. If they are locals They probably were wathcing him days before until found the opportunity. Watch if a strange car is parked close to your house

  8. Noris, los criminales no eran del aerea, de acuerdo con lo q mi tia me informo, cuatro en total, dos colombianos un venezolano, y un panameño, el panameño es un alert, be careful and no confiar en nadie.
    Sean de donde sean, siguen libres.deberia de haber otra manera, pero es la triste realidad.

  9. Why is this not mentioned anywhere in the local press? Not even in el siglo or critica although these papers are always searching for some bloody news. This is very strange.

  10. Another soul callously victimized by the pathological.
    I can only wish Mr. Moore rapid healing in body, mind, and spirit, that he and his somehow find the way to leave these horrific events behind them.

    I cannot help but wish some serious, permanent, biblical-style retribution upon these maleantes — for a few of these maniacs– who behave as though they have nothing to lose — to be subjected to the loss of EVERYTHING. To be utterly destroyed. To be dropped into the yawning pit of hell. To have revenge wreaked upon their corrupted beings. But these poor creatures are society’s children. Poor, misbegotten, misunderstood, mistreated victims in their own right. It just wouldn’t do for a few of them to have their own gawddamned brains blown out for a change …. that would simply be fleeting justice. The juggernaut of “human evolution” would just grind inexorably onward. Stupid, ignorant, mentally deficient, and developmentally disabled human spawn will continue to be a dime-a-billion.

    Still. For just a few to have their own ways visited upon themselves! O karma!!!


  11. So, LEGAL foreign residents aren’t allowed to own firearms in the country of Panama?
    I’m curious about that.
    After reading all of this about the criminals robbing and bodily harming foreigners on an almost daily basis, I am seriously reconsidering not retiring to Panama. It pisses me off reading this, due to the fact that all I want and have dreamed about is a peaceful place to settle down and enjoy the rest of my life.
    19 years in Law Enforcement has opened my eyes to how inhumane humans can be.
    I’m all about protecting myself if I’m put into a situation like this. But these crooks have definitely done their homework when they attacked and robbed this gentleman. Totally not a random act.
    Yes, as I posted on another story, Dallas/Ft. Worth can be and is a dangerous place to live. But most homeowners are armed, and it don’t always turn out very well for the creeps who are attempting to rob and do harm.
    Thank God that this Moore gentleman wasn’t killed, even though he’s obviously in a great deal of pain.
    His sense of security in his own home will never be the same.
    The majority of Americans, Europeans, and Canadians who choose to live in Panama are not moving there for a “hand out” (i.e., free healthcare, WIC, food stamps…..). They are actually boosting the dang economy, by providing jobs like lawn care, house keeping, or buying local goods.
    There should be more that this Panamanian government do for the safety of their immigrants.
    This price-gouging by that hospital is ridiculous.
    I apologize for the long-winded speech.
    I am hopping down from my soapbox.
    I hope this gentleman has a safe recovery.

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