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I have meant to post this for some time, but my Internet problems kept me from doing it. Now that I have my Internet back, I will try it again. KODI keeps improving and there are a lot of hackers doing custom builds which completely change the look of KODI as well as adding more capability.

In December, I replaced one of my Amazon Fire Sticks with a new Amazon Fire TV, picked up at the $75 Christmas price. I think it is one of the best values in Android TV boxes.

I like the new remote and if you subscribe to Amazon Prime you can jump to watching a program, by just asking Alexis to take you to it. You will most likely have to be using UNLOCATOR if you want to make use of US programming on Amazon Prime.
I also bought and inserted a cheap $20 128GB micro SD chip and increased the Fire TV’s storage capacity.

I really like the Amazon Fire devices and IMHO they are about the best value in the Android TV accessories.

When my Fire TV arrived, I immediately installed FireStarter and KODI. KODI is turning out to be the best TV entertainment medium I have found. FireStarter has turned out to be the way to access KODI on a Fire device. With the latest FireStarter upgrades (which, updates on the Fire device), it provides the ability to also update KODI without needing a PC. That is a real benefit.

This has been a real advantage with some of the new KODI testing I have been doing. Not too long ago a CC reader told me about a new addon ( called a KODI build) called “The Beast”.

Before I talk about my experiences with the new KODI builds (addons), I should mention that there is a growing trend making Android devices the target for malware and viruses. The latest victims are Smart TVs. Android Cell phones have been a target for some time, but now with the Android TV boxes, another caution is called for.

I mention this because the installation of these KODI addons are always potential ways of installing problems (malware and viruses). With that warning, I will tell you a little about my experience installing some of these addons on both the Fire TV and the Fire Stick.

After learning about this so called “greatest of all KODI builds – i.e. The Beast“, I did some googling to find it and then I installed it on the Fire TV. I should mention that if you have KODI installed and want to try one of the new builds, you need to start with a clean KODI install. Get rid of all previous settings and start clean or you may not get good results. The ARES Wizard will allow you to do that or you can use Fire Starter to do a fresh download of KODI.

When I first started looking at some of these KODI builds, you had to do each by finding the URL for that build repository and add it to KODI.

That has changed with the creation of a new tool called the ARES Wizard. With it you can try any number of different builds with very

After you install the ARES Wizard, you will be presented with a list of the main builds ordered by the number of installation. I am currently using, SPINZ Premium Lite and is has the most downloads of any build by a large margin.

Now that my internet is fixed it is about a 5 minute task to move from one build to another. Most provide similar functionality, but the presentation of one or another may be more appealing to your likes or needs.

I have to admit, I like the SPINZ TV Premium Lite build better than the standard tvaddons build and doubt if I will use the tvaddons build in future installs.

There are several styles with the new builds, but one thing that may affect your choosing one over another is that some are more tailored to adding adult entertainment. Some have XXX categories on the main menu and sone just have very suggestive photos of macho men or women in suggestive bikini poses.

Those would not be suitable if you have young people in the house. I have some grandchildren that might ask questions I am not equipped to answer, so I stick with the non-adult builds. Some seniors may consider them educational for their adult partner or even themselves.

I see several of these builds that are setup with IPTV subscriptions from $12 to $15/month for specific streaming capability. I have not pursued any of these options, because I have no need. I can get what I need from my minimal Cable Onda package combined with the free streaming available on KODI.

Now for a general explanation of installing the ARES wizard on your android box. For this discussion, I will assume you have already installed the latest KODI 15.2 release. There are many youtube you can use for reference. This site shows installing the tvaddons build.use it as a reference and change one thing.

Instead if using as the URL, use Name it “.ares”. The “.” will put the name at the top of your file list and make it easier to find.

After you have installed the ares wizard, execute it and choose the build you want to try. Depending on the speed of your internet it may take a few minutes up to 30 minutes. I can now change some builds in about 5+ minutes. It took me over 30 minutes+ for some builds when my internet was not up to par.

As a piece of added information, Lilliam’s family from Panama City visited over New Years. Lilliam’s son in law had recently signed up with an IPTV derive in Panama City which sounds very much like Carlo’s service except you provide your own ROKU does and he adds a new channel with the sites you want to watch. The son-ja-law is a big NFL fan and watches tons of US sporting events as well as worldwide soccer events.

More and more IPTV vendors will start showing up. I bed Carlos may have to start offering ROKU installations.

With my internet problems solved (knock on wood) I am able to assist anyone with their installation of KODI on an Android TV box or Amazon Fire device. With the Amazon Fire Devices, I still recommend the KODI installation be accommodated by using FireStarter.

Those of you that have contacted me to help, can now coordinate a time and I will show you how to do it as well as do the initial setup.

8 thoughts on “More KODI Adventures

  1. Don, I’m toying with the idea of buying a fire tv, but I’ve got a consulta for you: I think I’m clear that to install the thing, you have to have a hdmi cable connection between the fire tv and the regular, old flat screen. But what about the connection between the fire tv and the internet router or modem? Does that have to be a cable connection as well, or can the fire tv communicate wirelessly with router?

  2. Tambopaxi,

    Both the Amazon Fire TV and Fire Stick vonnect to the TV using an HDMI port.

    The Fire Stick is strictly WiFi. The Fire TV can uae Ethernet or WiFi. The Fire TV does bit include an HTMI cable.

  3. I’ve been running two different builds for my setup – the Beast Encore v2 for the FireStick in the bedroom (its a lighter version than the others), and the latest full Beast build for the g-box q. I’ve modified the menus and deleted a few of the non-functioning submenu selections, and so far, everything runs great! There seem too be less funstioning HQ links in genesis these days, but there are still plenty of MQs that work well.

    I’m curious what you use for your live news feeds. Whereas many used to function, I’m pretty much down to ABC News HD on the ProjectCypher add-on. Any suggestions?

  4. Oh, and I do hear Spinz Lite is a nice, fast build. Thanks for sharing your experiences and knowledge, Don!

  5. Yes, I use Spinz Lite most of the time. I have tried several builds from the ARES Wizard. The ARES wizard gives a relative idea of how they are liked and how many downloads of each has been done.

    Every once in a while I will corrupt KODI with one of the loads and have to delete it and reinstall fresh. FireStarter makes that relatively easy.

    I have found most of the builds to be similar, just different presentations.

    GENESIS appears to be a dying distribution and the better builds are not depending on it from what I see.

    I have found Nemesis to be a pretty clean build

    I still use USTVNOW for US networks.

  6. Hey Don, as you may know, the developer from the KODI add-on “genesis” has moved on. I installed and downloaded the new Exodus add-on a month ago or so, and it works awesomely. Virtually ZERO dead link or buffering problems, and we’re getting HD links that actually work on the majority of movies and TV shows! You’ll want to delete Genesis first (if you still have it) and install Exodus. Trakt.TV is great for tracking shows/movies you’ve watched and for creating favorite watchlist, and they integrated it into Exodus.

    If you decide to try it out, hope it works out as well for you as it has for my wife and myself up here in Boquete!

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