Day 5 – Cable Onda – Success

When I returned to the house this morning, there was a Cable Onda truck waiting with a crew of three men. Jose was the one that took control and they set to check all connections at the street, inside the house and above the house where the external street line connected.

As a little background, this house originally had been wired by Cable and Wireless. Jose said the cabling and connections were not the highest of quality. The CO crew made some temporary adjustments, but said they would set up another day to replace the line from the street and the one running to the living room.

Jose and his crew were very meticulous in checking everything. The fact that the old Cable and Wireless wiring could have been a source of problems is understandable and CO setting up a date to replace it is commendable.

The phone is working, I am running at maximum speed on multiple devices with zero Internet disconnections at present. If it were always like this, I would never complain. If every team that came to the house to troubleshoot were as though as this crew, I could not complain either.

Besides thanking Jose and his crew, it is only fitting that I thank the manager of MStore in Plaza Terronal (Juan Carlos Staff) for providing Ariel to come to my house and assist in trouble shooting. I should mention that in a matter of days, the MStore will have its permanent Apple service area staffed.

I would also like to thank Rogelio Chiari, who is Marketing manager for Grupo Mac Store in Panama City, who also provided assistance contacting Cable Onda after reading my blog.

There are so many pieces that can cause these sorts of problems and sometimes it requires getting several different people talking and I was fortunate to get them all to come together to get my problem solved.

Not to move on to more fun things in 2016!

9 thoughts on “Day 5 – Cable Onda – Success

  1. Glad you finally have success! The difference between the C&W wiring and connections and those of CO in my house were like night and day. The CO guys just shook their heads and laughed as they removed and replaced.

    Btw, Don, where are your 2004-05 Boquete Flower Festival photos hiding? I can’t find them. They were terrific.

  2. A related story, without an actual ending (but maybe a work-around):

    I was using a Roku box mostly to watch Netflix and I decided to get a Fire-Stick and set it up to get more content at lower/no cost, as you explained in various posts in the past. The Roku had no problem connecting via WiFi to my CO Arris Modem but I also had a $100 Belkin Router running off the Arris and I actually went into that (because the password was shorter and therefore easier to install).

    So I decided it made sense to get maximum speed for the Stick with a direct connection to the CO Arris as the WiFi source for the Fire Stick. After putting in the password, the TV display indicated that the Stick saw the connection for a few seconds and then lost it, and then found it again and lost it. This was a continuous pattern despite the Stick being 4 feet from the Arris.

    I was dismayed to have Don Ray disease, or so I feared!

    Since I had no problem with the Roku connecting to the Belkin (which gets its signal from the Arris via ethernet cable), I then tried installing that to the Stick and it connected quickly with no delays or complications once I entered the password. I also have no trouble streaming Netflix using the Stick and throughout this whole process, my CO phone connection was working OK as far as I know.

    I find this odd and unexplainable, even illogical, unless there is some buffer in the Belkin (which does pretty good going through the thick concrete walls we have around here) that is smoothing out CO intermittent connection problems. Can anyone explain this? I really don’t want to contact CO, but……..

    I thought I’d share my odd work-around in case anyone is having CO intermittency problems and has a spare router handy.

    When I find some more ambition, I am going to try to download the free TV app to the Stick!

  3. Interesting…. the internet at our house up the road from you seems to be working much better this afternoon as well. When I was coming home today, late morning, there was a crew running new cable overhead near the big church, but I didn’t recognize the truck as one of the cable companies. But, whatever is going on I’m glad things are running well for all of us. I think we are pretty lucky since we generally don’t have much trouble.

  4. Wendy, I took the old photo albums down because I had them in a software product that was too hard to maintain. I have had good intentions of putting the photos back online and life has kept getting in the way.

    I will try to put that on my todo list.

  5. Alan, my ARRIS modem is strictly a modem and has no Wi-Fi capability. I don’t know what model you have, but is must be different from mine. I researched my modem to make sure it didn’t have any WiFi capability and possibly interfere with my Apple AirPort Extreme router.

  6. I can see the improvement in Fort Worth! haha Smoking fast page connection now.

    I got an email from my brother yesterday that his ADSL and landline phone were out, line tech found a spot where a squirrel had an appetite for copper and shorted the line. The problems always seem to be “squirrelly”. 🙂

    Good to see they have it working in time for our morning coffee.

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