2 thoughts on “Brave

  1. After living in Panama for many years … You have to develop a “Mean Side” and also a “Six Sense ” or many will take without asking.

    Of course you have to have something to take … This culture is all about they are smarter then you and want to show you. ( FACT ) New Comers are first to get scammed or do something stupid…..

    Business owners and others who own a lot of property will tell you this is a fact …

    Don, all Chicken Shits will get taken and then DO NOTHING about it … Your now a Target .. For all Thieves … Be ready because their coming.

  2. Huh. Well, forewarned is fore armed, I guess. So, whenever I’m not focusing on my electronic device, I’ll be sure to walk around looking over my shoulder. And my OTHER shoulder.
    I know their out there. I have been their out there! There is no out there like their out there! They’re HONING their out there! When they’re affected by their out-there, all you can do is say, “There, there.”

    However, I don’t think Chiriqui Chatter is an appropriate venue to discuss their coming. That’s very private stuff.

    Their you have it,


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