Apple Routers And Diagnostic Software

It may be interesting to some to see the added information you have available when you are using an Apple AirPort Extreme, Apple Airport Time Capsule or an Apple AirPort Express to provide Wi-Fi for your house. They also provide the ability to connect devices via Ethernet cable.

The support/diagnostic application for the Apple devices is called the AirPort Utility. It is included with any Apple OS X operating system, and is a downloadable app for IOS. It can be downloaded for the Window’s operating system as well.

I have not used the utility on Microsoft systems, so I can only speak about the capability available on the OS X and IOS systems.

The AirPort Utility is used to configure each of the Apple devices and does an excellent job of guiding you through the setup.

Afterwards, it will provide a good visible indication of the condition of your network. It does this by multiple methods. First you have the color coding of the dot below the images.

The globe represents the Internet and if the dot is green, then you are connected. If it is orange, you are not connected.

The dot below the device images reflect the device’s status. Green indicates that the device has an IP address, DNS addresses and an Ethernet connection to another device.

The following graphics are from my network. You can see I have a current model AirPort Extreme connected to the Cable Onda modem and to an older model Apple AirPort Time Capsule.

The Time Capsule has an internal hard drive and does hourly backups of my primary Apple MacBook Pro. This is one of the benefits of the OS X operating system which includes backup software called Time Machine. It has saved my butt many times. I never have to remember to do backups.

Back to the discussion on network problem diagnosis.

In the following image, it shows that everything is fine. This is the condition you want. There is a connection to the Internet and DNS and IP addresses are intact.
Good Connection

In the following image, the modem is not providing an Internet connection to the Apple AirPort Extreme. The other devices are green because they have an IP address, DNS addresses and Ethernet connections intact.
Bad Connection

If the dot below the device image is orange, there will be a secondary red dot containing the number of problems the device has. If you click on a red dot you will see what items are missing.

I disconnected my Ethernet cable from the Cable Onda modem in the following photo.
Missing cable

You can see an orange problem dot and the red dot saying there is one problem. If I clicked on the red dot it would say that there was no Ethernet connection.

In the following example, I disconnected the Ethernet cable between the Apple AirPort Time Capsule and the Apple AirPort Extreme.
TC Cable

The yellow triangle is saying that a previously known device is now missing. This is because my MacBook Pro is connected to the Apple AirPort Extreme and receiving information from it.

The Apple routers do cost a little more than some other routers, but when you are in Panama you need all the help you can get to convince your provider that the problem is theirs and not yours.

However, if you compare the Apple router to other high end routers, there will not be a large cost difference.

This is the end of my discussion on Apple networking devices and management software.

Hopefully my Internet problem will be solved soon and I can quit having the need to check the status of my network.

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