Cable Onda Problems

Over the last year I have periodically had Internet problems. Cable Onda is my provider. I consider Cable Onda the best provider in Panama and it still if hard to get assistance when you have problems.

Sometimes the hardest problem is to get technicians to actually come to the house. They will run remote diagnostics and conclude that all is fine and try to dismiss you.

I have been working with telecommunications longer than most of the technicians have lived, so my tolerance level is a little short.

In the past, most of my problems would manifest themselves as poor internet speed. Usually I would have a high ping and an extremely low speed. Normally it has been because of line damage or system modifications.

This time the problem is harder to diagnose. My monitor software shows internet connectivity for a short period and then it will disconnect for 0 seconds or more and then reconnect. Enough to be very disruptive for most Internet work other than responding to email.

A side problem this time is that I also don’t have land line telephone dial tone. Since they both are on the same CO provided modem, I am thinking that is a possible problem source.

I called CO and they ran diagnostics and said the Internet was fine. It wasn’t. They asked me to disconnect power to the modem and wait 1 1/2 minutes and reconnect. When it came back it was up for 30 seconds and disconnected for 15 seconds and then reconnected. They concluded all was fine.

I told them it wasn’t because the internet was intermittent and I still didn’t have a land line and I wanted someone to come to the house.

The technician said he had a special deal on 20MB service he would like to sign me up for. I told him I didn’t need a higher speed; I needed a reliable connection.

The attendant finally agreed to send a technician on Monday sometime between 7:30 AM and 12:30 PM.

We will see.

To make things worse today, Chiriqui Chatter was down and I had problems contacting my host to report the outage. As of now, CC is back up.

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  1. The worst kind of problem, an intermittent one. Probably, when they come on Monday, everything will be great for the time that they are there. Then 1/2 hour after they leave, the intermittent problem raises it’s ugly head. That’s my experience.

  2. Regardless of what they find or do not find, insist they replace the cable modem box completely. These are often a source of problems and one of the weakest links in the entire chain. A poor power supply inside the cable modem box would exhibit these symptoms along with other various symptoms that are very hard to diagnose.

  3. Don,

    Cableonda like most Latin American businesses and companies do not care about customer service or their product or service they are offering. All they care about is the revenue stream. They have a captive clientele for both internet and cable TV. As to internet where are you going to switch to? As for TV service, we pay to use NETFLIXs, Amazon Fire, etc., all of which requires their internet service.

    When they see too much of this type of streaming, they throttle down your service. They have us coming and going.

    The only way around the TV issue is to get Dish Network using a US address for a unit designed for a RV. Bring that unit to Panama and you are set to go. There may now even be satellite technology for the Iinternet.


  4. The winds are back. The lines are moving all over the place. When everything is safely buried below ground, things will start being more reliable. But then this is Panama.

  5. If you can get a tech to show up and if he has a working “tattletale” box, he can trace the location of the bad connection. I’m still on ADSL in the states so my copper is old and subject to intermittent connections. Twice in 15 years I had noisy internet and no dial tone, both times the techs found the same bad connection ~800 feet down the line.

    Ross is right, the high winds anywhere can cause momentary loss of connection but the tattletale can find it.

  6. Possible to get a 2nd modem as a back up? I saw the connection problems yesterday, just passed it off as Panama although all the other pa sites were OK.

    My ISP here is pushing to get me on UVerse but I stream Netflix to 2 devices plus surf with the tablet and desktop with no problems so I am hesitant to do the change. And it isn’t total UVerse, only web and phone so no TV service available. One day I WILL get around to the Firestick, retirement is just too busy at the moment. 😉

  7. Funny, all the years we we’re able to get CableOnda we had GREAT service. They always came asap. Then we moved to Potrerillos and had to deal with really poor Wi-Fi companies. Recently CableOnda bought Mobilenet or Fanduque and now our speed an bandwidth have almost tripled without a price hike. They also moved the David Office to a much easier location near the hospital and it is much easier to get to an park..

    Maybe it’s a gringo thing >) I let the wife deal with them and the two times we had an issue they dealt with it within 24 hours. Too bad their tv grouping have almost no English channels or I’d switch from Sky

  8. Just had a call from Cable Onda and they will be here today instead of Monday. If they swap out my modem, I think my problem will dissappear.

  9. I have always gotten good service from Cable Onda. In fact I had one exceptional encounter that would never have happened in the States.

    When my t.v. died I decided not to replace it. There really wasn’t a whole lot that I wanted to watch, anyway. I had it on maybe a couple of hours a week. I went to the Cable Onda offices and talked to a young man there (in Spanish) and told him I wanted to cut the t.v. portion of my service off and just keep the internet.

    He thought about it for a minute and then told me that if I did that I’d end up paying nearly as much as I did with the premium t.v. service I was enrolled in. BUT, if I dropped that part of my service and just subscribed to the most basic t.v. package they offered PLUS the internet, I could save $23/month! So, sitting in my house here in Boqeron I have my internet modem blinking away and the t.v. modem is stored, in its box over in the closet.

    So you people can complain about lousy Panamanian service and “Oh, ike most Latin American businesses and companies they do not care about customer service or their product or service they are offering. All they care about is the revenue stream.” That certainly has never been my experience with this company and I’ve also had people go out of their way to help me other places, too. I know Don speaks Spanish, but I’ll bet that the first words out of the mouths of most of the people who complain about lousy customer service here is “Does anyone here speak English?”

  10. In Brisas Boquetenas I had the same issue several years ago. I had a program put out by Cisco that could document all the drops…so I would show them that record. They could not deny what I was reporting. We went through several modems and the usual solution was to add a filter to the connection at the modem. Replacement of a splitter under the roof seemed to fix it for awhile. Anyway all of us in the community kept nagging and finally the problem stopped. We have an enormous amount of wind here. I have no clue what they did to make that problem go away because the wind certainly hasn’t. Good luck

  11. We had the exact same problem. They were coming out every other week. They changed the modem and added a filter or booster to the modem where the cable connects. The intermittent loss of signal was VERY frustrating to,say the least. We finally started a daily log……off at 9:20 back on at 9:27, off at 10:00 on at 10:05. When they came out and said it was our wifi router. We had another that performed with the same problem while he was still here. He finally called his supervisor and they decided it was a battery backup problem in THEIR system! We have not had that problem since. Good luck!

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