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Nvidia Shield K1 Tablet (With a HUGE Warning)

I have been on another buying spree. This post is going to be about one of the purchases.

It is a Nvidia Shield K1 8” Android tablet. Before I discuss the tablet, let me say that I ordered it through Amazon and had it delivered to eShop in Boquete. I have dealt with several mail forwarding businesses in Panama and without a doubt, eShop is the best.

Now to the Shield tablet. Since it is designed as a gaming tablet, it is extremely fast. I have turned over my iPad 2 to Lilliam. I had set the iPad up in Spanish and now I don’t have to keep changing the configuration. When I had the iPad in English it made it more complicated for Lilliam to do a google search in Spanish.

Now I have the iPad tailored to her needs and I have set up the Shield tailored my needs.

Now a HUGE warning about the Nvidia Shield Tablet. Nvidia started pushing out Android 6.0 in December. Big mistake! When I started the Nvidia Shield, it asked if I wanted to take the over the air upgrade to 6.0.

I declined. Fortunately I do a fair amount of study before I buy a product and after I buy to be ready to use it. During the period before I got the tablet, I had read many of the horror stories about upgrading to Marshmallow (Android 6.0). Here is the forum thread on the problem. Continue reading Nvidia Shield K1 Tablet (With a HUGE Warning)

Earthquake – M4.8 – 4km ESE of Monte Lirio, Panama

I felt it. Didn’t seem to last that long here in David.

2016-01-31 11:38:35 (UTC)
2016-01-31 06:38:35 (UTC-05:00) in your timezone
Times in other timezones
Nearby Cities
4km (2mi) ESE of Monte Lirio, Panama
18km (11mi) W of Volcan, Panama
34km (21mi) NW of La Concepcion, Panama
54km (34mi) N of Puerto Armuelles, Panama
190km (118mi) SE of San Jose, Costa Rica


What’s really stopping me from traveling abroad is that none of those places are in my bedroom.

It takes a long time to delete 900 million dollars worth of stuff from an Amazon shopping cart.

I just hired a private investigator to find out what I do all day.

I need a new cell phone.
The camera on this one makes me look old.

Home Invasion

Home Invasion

I mentioned the other day about another home invasion in David. I mentioned that the fellow at the hospital information desk did not know the whereabouts of the individual I was asking about other than knowing he had been in the emergency area.

I know the individual for many years and I wrote him. I am including his replay.

Hi Don Ray, 

I spent from 3 AM Friday until 7 AM Sat. all in the Emergency Room. I have 4 cracked (They say broken) ribs. They wanted to hold me overnight to make sure there was no internal bleeding and that I had not punctured a lung. The guy had my ankles bound. He pushed me and I fell against the dining room table. I am okay as long as I am standing or lying down. It is the getting up or getting down that hurts.

I made a report at the police office before I went to the hospital. A pair of officers from DGI came to interview me. Two other pair of officers came to visit too. I have the case number and email address and phone of the guy who did the translating. The one good thing that happen is the bad guys did not take my passport

My landlord lady took great care She took me there and checked me out. She  paid the hospital bill. She even paid the pain medication. The landlord even had the handyman change out my locks on Sunday. We think some how they had a key. There was no forced entry.

The emotional damage is a bit hard to handle.

My friends around here are watching after me. It will just take 2-3 months for the ribs to heal at my age. I had a cracked rib before years ago.

I am doing okay. Thanks for asking.

A Reminder

While I was at the driver’s license renewal office at the Chiriquí Mall, I noticed some foreigners that were unaware that to enter all Panama government offices, you have to be properly dressed.

Here is the sign depicting what will not be allowed inside.

This means if you are robbed and need to make a police report – dress appropriately. If you need to report a lost passport – dress appropriately. I was stopped a couple times before I finally learned.