Ending The Year

Yesterday, Lilliam’s daughter and family from Panama City arrived to celebrate year end. They brought their new young Pomeranian puppy.

Koki and the puppy bonded and all three dogs were playing. We are dog sitting another dog. Without warning the young puppy fell over and died of an apparent heart attack.

It was a small dog and a big reminder. Enjoy each day. You never know when your day has come.

11 thoughts on “Ending The Year

  1. A powerful reminder that we are mortal, and that we need to be ready for death by being saved from our sins by the sacrifice of Jesus Christ on Calvary 2,000 years ago. Heaven is real, and Hell is real and it’s our choice where we spend eternity!

  2. Doggone! All dogs go to heaven.
    Yes, hell is quite real; it exists like a tumor in people’s hearts and minds.
    Have a Happy-joy-joy and an intellectually stimulating New Moment.

  3. No esperaba esto. Claro que es un recorderis: todos tendremos que irnos, tarde o temprano. Que el 1916 sea un buen año para todos.

  4. A little word of advice. Small puppies hearts are very small and should be monitored closely when playing or exercising. Especially when in the heat. Little puppies cannot keep with bigger dogs.

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