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December 28, 2015. Jet Blue announces today it will begin service between Orlando, Florida and David, Panama. Inaugural flight will be April 1, 2016. There will be two flights per week on Mondays and Thursdays. Jet Blue also announces it will establish offices for two of its subsidiaries at the Enrique Malek International Airport in David.

Jet Blue Getaways will offer 3 and 4 day packages to San Jose, Costa Rica, Bocas del Toro and Panama City. It will partner with Air Panama. They will also offer special packages to those visiting Disney World and other attractions in Orlando.

Jet Blue Freight Services will offer package and freight deliveries. They will be working with Amazon, Walmart, Dell, Best Buy, Express Scripts Pharmaceuticals and others.

Mr Jose Jimenez will be the Chief Executive Officer of the David office. He previously was Vice President of financial operations for United Fruit in Puerto Armuellas. Prices for the airfares, tour packages and freight services will be published in mid February.

Jet Blue Airways’ headquarters are located in Long Island City, New York. David, Panama is its 15th overseas destination.

I failed to mention Monday, December 28th is Dia del los Santos Inocentes. Panama’s April Fool’s Day.

The Disney building a Disney World in Panama and expats having to learn Spanish stories were getting worn out.

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  1. This reminds me that I’ve seen virtually nothing about Southwest Airlines now offering service between SJO (San Jose) and HOU (Houston). I think this started in October.
    Last month we flew SWA from SJO to HOU for UNDER $250rt pp. And TWO free 50 lb bags and NO change fees!
    SWA has been my favorite airline since its inception in the 1970’s. I do miss the hot pants, however.


  3. I was all excited, told Jim and then…I realized it was a joke! Shame on you Don…but you are funny!

  4. US Carriers are wary of flying to David and may be barred because of the location of the Fueling Station tanks too close to the runway… But Don, is is always interesting how a joking miss information can cause….

  5. Okay, so I did not read the whole thing….I was as thrilled as a kid on Christmas Morning for a few moments!! Will keep ‘hopin and a prayin’ for direct flights from David to the States……

  6. I think it says a lot that Nena and I got married on this day 45 years ago. Nena still doesn’t realize that I was only joking!

  7. Reminds me of a funny story that happened in the rural Vermont town I used to live in…..on April 1, we all awoke to a big sign on a vacant storefront in our sweet mom & pop business town, “COMING SOON….ANOTHER MC DONALDS!” Needless to say, Doc Cook had a lot of high blood pressures and heart palpitations to deal with that day.

  8. yolks on you…negotiations are REALLY underway for a route, David (DAV) to Sanford near Orlando… for connecting to Bocas beaches and for Republic of Chiriqui to enjoy direct Disney packages without connecting through PTY/COPA.

    is that interesting?

    Negs have to do if there will be an incentive bond and guarantee of favorable load factor, for a 737-300 configured for 149 pax.

    what say you? enough expats and chiricanos to fill plane at least once weekly? 😛

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