Continuing On The Journey

Another year is winding down. I have had a few emails asking about Marion and decided I should give an update.

She is staying with Lilliam and me. We celebrated Christmas quietly and have watched more movies and TV series on KODI than I can count. She is currently watching Woman in Gold.

She has a checkup tomorrow and still more recuperation in front of her.

However, from the point she first entered Hospital Mae Lewis, she has come a long way. I consider her extremely lucky to have made it through the first night and the first week. Had someone above not been looking down on her, she wouldn’t have.

I hope that we can visit with the authorities in January and get an update on the case. I am still outraged that that is not a larger outcry in seeking justice for victims of minors committing crimes.

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  1. I too am surprised at the lack of change to correct the horrific injustice. The lack of accountability for minors committing the most heinous of crimes is justified lawlessness that knows no reason.

    I think of Marion, Debra and your family every day. Praying and watching every healing step.

  2. my best to marion & deborah. praying for her continued progress towards a complete recovery. there is a very special place in heaven for you, don ray, & lilliam. God bless. xo s

  3. This is very encouraging news. From Newsroom Panama yesterday.

    NEARLY 500 Panama gang members and their leaders have been taken out of circulation in 2015 in a series of raids under the direction of National Police (PN) Director Omar Pinzon.

    The 22 gang related operations led to the arrests of 486 gang members and notorious leaders with aliases like Ito, Waco, Buddha, Cholo and Pipo

    The operations have achieved double the arrests of gang members compared to last year says a PN report.

    “We do not rest until we catch them and take them out of circulation … for the benefit of the community said Pinzon..

    Anti- gang operations executed by the National Police and Public Ministry officials, have been made across the country, and more than twice in the provinces of West Panama, Colon and Chiriqui as well as in the district of San Miguelito and the districts : El Chorrillo, December 24, Tocumen, among others reports El Siglo.

    Many gang leaders re now in maximum security cells, in Punta Coco prison for crimes including: homicide, robbery, theft, drug trafficking, car theft and arms trafficking.

  4. So glad to hear that Marion is with you and that she is doing much better. Please tell her that Curt and Linda say hello and wish her well.

  5. Unfortunately typical police/authority response. Have meetings to express outrage at the time of the incident, then slowly back away and do not really do anything. The lack of a concerted effort to deal with juveniles is worrying. Excuses to the effect that “hands are tied” due to U.N. Rules or whatever are just smoke screens for doing nothing.

  6. Well, the Law is the Law. If you are under 18 and you commit a crime (any type of crime) you get home detention. The law needs to be changed and only the voting public can made that happen. It’s like any Democratic country, apathy sets in and important issues are forgotten. Then you have U.N. Rules, Children Advocacy groups, Liberal Judges, Local Public Opinion, certain Politicians, certain Pressure groups etc… Just look at the U.S.A., thousands of felons released, Illegal immigrants committing crimes reentering the country, etc… I sometimes think that only a Dictatorship can make needed changes, but we all know that power corrupts and total power corrupts totally. There is no answer.

  7. Best wishes to marion ron and lilliam. Good news give us hope.

    Patick you have a clear view of the situation. I was very young when noriega took power. I dont approve dictatorship. But during the years he was in power crime was so low. You only heard of passionate crime once every few years. Thats why i always said we didnt know horrendous crimes until after the invasion with all thevgesvy weapons left for anybody to take. And even then murders were very rare. The panana city major mayin correa had an operation i forgot the name, where they exchanged wespons for food. It was unbelievable to see people turning in AK 47s they found on the ground. Plus then bad democratic goverments came back in power and disaster also came with them. Corruption exists with democracy, dictatorship, comunim, socilism and in any type of government.
    And if you have a president that is not corrupt then he gets killed or overthrown by the corrupt who are anxious to br in power.
    Power is the worst enemy of human kind. And this is here and everywhere in the world even in the usa. Sadly.

    Also, there is civil dictatorship disguised as democracy. That is even worse.

  8. I have been seeing increased police presence on the roads, maybe there could be more in outlying areas, but their presence is more visible. When was the last time we heard of an intrusion in an expat house? As Lynnie stated, things have been happening. I wouldn’t be outraged Don the efforts of yourself and others do seem to have been noticed and action is being taken. Per the Panamanian way authorities will not show that they are being subservient and will go about righting things their way rather than letting it look like they are being directed by outsiders.

  9. There is always more police presence this time of year and around the Boquete Flower festival, Carneval and the David Fair.

    I will believe something is different he the judicial system shows change. Until then, it will remain like the last 13 years I have lived here.

    I wish I felt you were right, but I see no difference.

  10. I am reading that taxis are now delivering groups of armed punks to the latest round of home intrusions. Whether the taxis are stolen or not I have no idea.
    This level of violence was unheard of during the years of dictatorship since no one could own firearms. Perhaps Just Cause was a bad idea? Then again, I doubt Panama would have become the paradise that it is today under dictator control.

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