Another Mail Forwarding Experience

Several months ago I started using E-Shop in Boquete for items I ordered from the U.S.

I recently ordered an Amazon Fire TV to replace one of my Amazon Fire Sticks. I was too quick on the trigger and didn’t choose E-Shop and used my Multi Servicios address.

It turned out to be a good test of the different services. The package came into the David Multi Servicios location in about the same about of time as E-Shop. It cost right at $20. I have received larger packages at E-Shop and never paid over $!2. Several times it has been around $7.

No question in my mind that for packages, E-Shop is one of the best values around. Besides, it also gives me an opportunity to have some donuts and ice-cream.

UPDATE: I was sent E-Shop’s fee schedule.


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  1. Don, what is eshop and is it also in Panama City? I know we have a lot of different services here, Miami Express, and a few others but never heard of this one. And to deliver a tv too? Wow, that is great. I need to find out if we have this in the city and where? $20.00 is a great price for a tv. They must not charge by the weight??

  2. As with all of my posts, I include links to the locations of original posts/ Of you click on the red E-Link in this post you will go to my original post.

    Second, I have never bought anything large. They charge by weight and volumetric weight just like all other mail forwarders. This was not a TV that I ordered, but an Amaxon Fire TV Box. Which you would see if you also clicked on the red link to the Amazon TV in the writeup.

    I figure I saved about $8 on this purchase.

    On any of these mail forwarding services, if you ship a very large item, you are gong to pay a bundle.

  3. I was with Airbox until someone mentioned E Shop in Boquete. Have received several packages from them. Great service at reasonable rates. When it arrives in Boquete, it is sent to me here in Volcan ready for pick up the next day at Fletes Chavale. Love it!

  4. There is NO DOUBT E-SHOP is the best to use in or around Boquete. Besides the best value, the service (family owned and run), provides you with quality service, not just OK service.

  5. I was with Airbox for nearly 8 years before as well and have recommended eShop to anyone that will listen. I’m in David and have them send it to Fletes Chavales and pay that minimal fee since I have no reason to go to Boquete otherwise and it would require an expensive taxi ride. Not sure about service to PC though. Would have to ask Karenthia.

    The thing I most appreciate is there is NO drama with eShop. They are very professional and efficient.

  6. E-Shop is by far the best. Don, I will send you their price list so you can post it. They deserve our business as they really work hard to do their job right.

  7. We use E Shop as well. We just received 2 big boxes with framed art work that we shipped from Austin Texas. No damage and for a total weight of 78 pounds we paid $209.00.
    Their service is top shelf.

    Karinthia is great to deal with.

    Karinthia Lamastus de Garcia
    eShop Boquete
    Tel.: 730-9545
    Cel.: 6281-5594
    WhatsApp.: 6496-4596

  8. Are they in david? I am tired of airbox. I had tp oay $ 110 for a 13 lbs package snd they give me a hard time to rekease from aduanas. The items had a total value of 120. And paid 110 to get it. It turned out it didn weight 15 lb. So i was fooled.

  9. Noris, eShop is in Boquete as the original post reflected. However, they will received mail and use Fletes Chevale to deliver to Volcan or David. A drive to Boquete is fun every now and then. It reminds me why I liv in David.

    I am keeping my letters and credit cards coming to MultiServicios though. $2.50 for several letters can’t be beat.

  10. Don, what exactly is MultiServices? I have been with Airbox, actually since 1998. I also am tired of them. I am going to call Eshop but I want to look into MultiServices for the same reasons as you.

    I enjoyed meeting you in Rey’s a couple of weeks ago. Have a Merry Christmas.

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