I received the following for posting:

Dear Mr. Ray,

Our American football club is looking for individuals with “American football refereeing” experience, in other words individuals that can officiate American tackle and flag football games in the David City, Chiriqui area, or other surrounding cities (Bugaba, Volcan, Boquete), if the need arises. 99% of the time, our games are within the David City County Limits. Games are usually held on weekends, favoring Saturday and Sunday (50/50) split and maybe some Friday nights.

Financial compensation is available.

Any interested party please write to:

Sincerely yours I remain,

Angel Quintero
Panama Patriots American Tackle & Flag Football Team
Formerly known as The Bulls Football Team
President Premium Sports League


  1. Cannot coach but would love to be a spectator! Please list when there will be full-fledged football (USA-style) games in David. GO PATRIOTS!!

  2. Next american football game(s) are this Saturday December 19, 2015 @ 7:00 pm. We are holding our first Christmas Bowl. Games should start by 7:30 pm and end around 10:45 pm.

    First games will be flag football games and the Bowl will end with Tackle Football. Chiriqui Cowboys vs Panama Patriots is the tackle football game. Food and drink will be available for sale. Come out and support american football.

    Games are held at the San Cristobal Stadium in David City, Chiriqui.

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