Moving From or To the Dark Side

I guess it all started when I bought the Premier Smart TV Box. That was really my first Android experience. I have never been a Google fan and therefore not an Android fan.

However, I am a fan of Linux and even though Android is Google’s version of Linux, I wanted to learn more.

My primary reason for buying the Premier Smart TV box was to play with KODI and experiment with Android. When I saw KODI’s benefits, I started looking for other devices to run KODI and that took me to the Amazon Fire Stick along with other manufacturer’s Android boxes.

The Amazon Fire Stick runs Android with Amazon’s user interface on it. For $39 a pop, I was hooked on an another Android product. It was as fast as an Apple TV and could run everything the Apple TV could plus Amazon Prime too. In addition, I could install KODI on it.

I have never considered buying an Android cell phone, but I had a friend come over with a new Nexus phone he had purchased. It was a beautiful phone. I decided to update myself on the current Android cell phones, just for fun. You know, just an academic exercise, no intention to do anything except learn something new.

That lead me to start watching some YouTube videos on his phone, which in turn led me to start looking at all of the new 2015 Android phones. That led to some YouTube videos comparing Android models to iPhone models.

I have been wanting to upgrade Lilliam’s iPhone to a new model, but moving her to an iPhone 6 or 6+ was way too expensive. In addition, I didn’t think that she would really want that much capability. She primarily uses the camera, WhatsApp, and makes calls. She has started using the calendar and reminders on her iPhone.

After looking at all the YouTube videos and reading all the current information on the Internet, I thought, why not buy a good Android phone and give my iPhone 6+ to Lilliam. I figured changing the OS might annoy Lilliam, so I would use the new OS. That would allow me to get some hands on experience and her to use familiar technology.

My only real concern was that the Android OS has always been less secure than Apple’s IOS. That hasn’t changed. The only way to have a phone that can rapidly adjust to new viruses is to buy an iPhone or a Nexus (the Android device that receives rapid updates).

The price of a comparable Nexus is close to the iPhone. Also, I didn’t really like the looks of the Nexus phones as well as I liked the G4 model from LG. I decided to gamble on not getting a virus and going on with the LG G4.

Why did I decide on the LG G4 phone? I watched lots and lots and lots of YouTube videos. When I came to the LG phone, it was the only high end phone that had a replaceable battery. All of the newer high end phones have moved to Apple’s model of nonuser replaceable. It also allowed adding a memory chip up to 2 TB. Yes, I know that 2 TB chips don’t currently exist, but it is mind blowing to think about.

I liked what I saw in the LG G4, based on the YouTube videos, but the only problem was that I hadn’t seen one up close and personal. Sometimes you have to touch an item to know how it feels in your hands.

I decided to go to PanaFoto and see if they carried them, because they had carried LG in the past. Lilliam and I were going to El Rey and I told her to get what she wanted because I wanted to look at something in PanaFoto. The LG G4 in Amazon was well over $100 cheaper than at PanaFoto.

Lilliam has a fear of me going into a technology shop alone and said she would go with me and then we would go to El Rey. I don’t understand that. I never worry when she goes into a dress store alone or CONWAYS, I fact I prefer it.

Anyway, PanaFoto had a LG G4. When I picked it up,compared to my 6+, it was as light as a feather. The screen was the same size as the iPhone 6+, but the similarity ended there.

Lilliam looked it (unimpressed) and I said I was thinking of replacing my phone and giving my iPhone 6+ to her. Being much more frugal than I am, she said she didn’t need a different phone and she thought the discussion was over.

As you can see, she had only created a problem for which I needed to find a solution.

Since Lilliam’s main objection seemed to be the expenditure of money, then I needed to come up with a way of upgrading without spending money.

For this project, the amount of money I had to spend was what I thought I could get out of selling my iPhone 6+, Lilliam’s iPhone 4S and a Sony Point and Shoot camera. Plan B would be to give the iPhone 6+ to my daughter.

With the plan seeming to have merit, I ordered two LG G4 phones, and two glass screen protectors. Of course I did this while Lilliam was in Panama City.

The only real function, I would be giving up was the fingerprint scanner function and longer lasting battery. The Android phones that had fingerprint readers exceeded my spending goal and still didn’t compete with the iPhone battery.

Now you know how the project idea entered my mind, how I planned for the funding, and a little about the new phones I purchased.

My major concerns were that the new phones might arrive dead on arrival and that I couldn’t move all the contacts and calendars.

The phones did come in and I had backed up all of the important information and was able to move it into the Android architecture. When Lilliam picked up her new phone, she said WOW! It was as light as her iPhone 4S and had the same screen size as my iPhone 6+, but in a much smaller form factor.

She was really impressed with the leather back. I got her WhatsApp and Viber apps installed and active and gave her a short lesson on how to start up the phone and use it. Since then, she comes in now and then and says, “Did you know you can do this?”

The phone put an announcement on the screen to nor leave without an umbrella one day because it was going to rain in the afternoon. Mind you it had not rained in over a week, so I had little faith in it being right.

It rained that afternoon and both Lilliam and I were impressed. I know it had nothing to do with the phone, but it was a fun to see the daily notice the phone puts up be accurate.

I have to admit that the display is much more entertaining than the static iPhone display. It is much more configurable and did I mention that it is much lighter?

I have been using it for a week now and still like the phone. It is requiring some adjustment to use it but I have decided it is a keeper. I haven’t found anything it won’t do, It does several things a little different.

I am having to use the Google programs on the Apple to insure contacts and calendar events are synced on both platforms. I am still researching the best method to keep things in sync. However, I am happy with the move and for the price, it hard to g back to the iPhone.

Here are a couple YouTube videos I watched during my research.

6 thoughts on “Moving From or To the Dark Side

  1. I too just went to android from an Iphone 4s. I decided after some research and reviews to go with the unlocked Blu Studio XL, 6 inch screen and Android 5.0. Lollipop. Got it from Amazon for just over a hundred bucks. I see where it is under a hundred bucks for the white version. It just came out this past fall, & has the latest system. I installed a 64 GB micro sd card, and “moved” most of the apps to the sd card to save internal space; a tip I read from the reviews of this phone running out of memory by installing too many apps. So far so good! Love the phone! Installed MagicJack app and works flawless, even over data. I downloaded the free “Contacts Sync for Google” from the App Store, and synced all my contacts and even my avatar from my Iphone to my google account. When I opened my Blu android next, all my contacts migrated perfectly to my new Blu phone contacts! It also has slots for 2 sim cards, one for here, and my T-mobile pre-paid in the states. (30 bucks a month for 100 minutes and 5 GB data. Since I only use MagicJack, never run out of minutes!)

  2. Hi Den, I took a look at the contacts sync app and it is not free I’d you have a large a,out of contacts. Not expensive, but not free and I will look a little more before I go for it.

    I also looked at the BLU phones and they are a good buy depending on what your need is. The thing that pushed me to the G4 was the quality of the camera. For a lot of people that may not be important, but coming from the iPhone 6+, I was spoiled.

    The camera app in the G4 will even shoot in raw mode.

    I am still learning more about the Android, but have experience to know I made a good choice. The G4 also has a dual sim model, but I didn’t need it. I have purchased micro SD128 GB chips for the G4, so I have more memory than I had on the iPhone 6+.

  3. Hmm… I wonder if you looked at a different app. On my iPhone 4s, the app was free. The full name is “Contacts Sync for Google Acc…” by Rebirth Apps. It’s red with a white cloud and two arrows forming a clockwise circle. I took a screenshot of it too. I’m sure there are plenty of apps that can do the same thing. I have a 128 gb SD card in my Amazon shopping cart since I already filled up my 64 gb. What I did was put the 64 gb Micro SD card into the phone to format it first. I then moved most of my apps to the SD card to conserve internal memory. Then I removed the SD card from the phone, put it in its adapter, then into my laptop and dragged and dropped my music, photos, 3d movies to use with my Google cardboard, onto the SD card then replaced it in the phone. Restarted the phone and it recognized everything with no problem. So far so good!

  4. Hi Don,
    I’ve been using Android for several years now. I currently have a Samsung Galaxy Note 4. In all my time with Android I have never had any issues with security or viruses. I even do my online banking with my phone. I’m sure that with your tech savvyness (is savvyness a word? If not, it is now) you also will have no security or virus issues. Welcome to the enlightened (not dark) side.

  5. I use Kaspersky internet security, only because I get it free from my bank as I use their online banking app. Kaspersky offers remote lock and erase but I don’t use it. I use the lock and erase feature in Android device manager.
    I have used Prey anti theft in the past on a tablet. The tablet was stolen and I got a location for the tablet within 50 metres and a picture of the person trying to unlock the tablet sent to me by email. I remote locked and erased the tablet and passed the information to the police but I never got the tablet back. I spent a couple of days driving around the area where the tablet was last reported hoping to see the person that Prey had photographed, but had no luck.

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