Elmec Inauguration In David

On December 2, Lilliam attended the inauguration of the new Elmec store in Design Plaza in David. I had mentioned talking to Lic. Elvis Samudio in November on one of Lillim and my morning walks.

Mr. Samudio followed up our morning conversation by sending me an invitation to attend the inauguration event.

You may wonder why I would want to attend an opening of a new building center. I guess you might say I like to stay “abreast” of what is going on in housing design, fixtures, flooring, lighting and well you know…


I saw many people I hadn’t seem in some time. I talked to Antonio Bacil and we reminisced about a past acquaintance, we have in common, of whom neither of us speak.

I saw Wee Yiong Fung of Prestige Reality. I saw Jose Ignacio, who is another builder and friend of mine. I saw Dr. Cattán, who I have become very acquainted with lately, and many many more.

IMG_0878Of course I alway take the opportunity of having my photo taken between good looking women. You never know when that opportunity will stop coming around.

IMG_0887I will include a gallery of all photos, taken during the evening, at the end of the post. I took photos on both floors and this photo of the escalator.

There is plenty to see in the new Elmec and all of high quality and reasonably priced for its quality.


After everyone had a chance to tour the new facility, The owner, Daniel Cohen, spoke.

If I remember correctly, he said Elmec has operated in Panama for over 30 years. The property that the new Plaza Center is on, has been in his family for over 50 years.

The new location is has been designed with ample parking and is much easier to get to than the previous location, which had been established in 2006.

The inauguration was completed with champagne for all, the buffet and open bar was opened and feasting and new conversations commenced everywhere.

I took the opportunity to visit With Mr. Cohen and congratulated him on his wonderful facility. I told him I would like to share a concern of mine and ask his assistance.

I told him that I had lived her for 13 years and have noticed a recent growth in crime and considered that part of the blame falls on Panama’s reluctance to institute laws for minors that were consistent with the crimes they were committing.

He had heard of Marion’s home invasion and her being shot and stabbed. He is good friends with Dr. Cattán. I told him I feel that companies, like his, would not achieve their true potential if people decided to quite moving to Panama because of the increasing violent crime. Tourism will suffer also.

I notice that the Elmec website has a contact section. Others that would like to enlist his support may want to express their opinion directly. The same is true of Do-It, Cochez, Franklin Jurado, and other businesses that are dependent on the growth in the local building.

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  1. Ha ha Jaime. I wasn’t as prepared as I should have been and Lilliam might have refused to take the photo.

    Besides the only good looking lady I go into hot tubs with now is Lilliam and she forgot her suit too.

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