Moon Valley Donuts – Boquete


Deborah and I had to go to SEhop to pick up a package from the U.S.

As we walked out of EShop, we see Moon Valley across the street and had to try it.

I met Luis and his wife who have been married for 30 years and recently moved to Boquete from Venezuela and opened Moon Valley Donuts

I enjoyed talking to Luis and he and his family are providing very taste products.

Deborah got some empanadas to go and we took 5 donuts. All were excellent.

If you find yourself in Boquete, look up Moon Valley Donuts and tell them you read about them on Chiriquí Chatter.

6 thoughts on “Moon Valley Donuts – Boquete

  1. I’m a doughnut addict. I really try to stay away from this place because I have little self control. All the doughnuts I’ve seen there are the cake style doughnuts…not my favorite but still mighty good. The ones that are sliced in half and have a cream filling are the best…various toppings like caramel and chocolate. They do have savory lunch items as well, like pulled pork and mondongo. They look good as well. Nice people, and I try to do business with nice people!

  2. We stopped in there one day and the people were nice. I don’t eat donuts, but my wife enjoys them, She bought one and said it was good. I noticed they didn’t have the price on the menu as you posted. They are 2.50 a piece. Or 30 bucks a dozen. I am still with Sugar and Spice for a complete American style breakfast with fruit and toast and coffee for 5 bucks.

  3. It is not Dunkin Donuts. However I did see the motorcycle cops hanging around. It is sad that they really can not afford the donuts on their salary. Anyway, folks here in Boquete are finding out what Donuts are. I hope they are successful.

  4. Machetazo here in Penonome just opened an in-store bakery. They have the raised, iced donuts for 75 cents each, they are great and really fresh.

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