Magic Jack Problem Fixed on El Capitan

You may remember that I wrote that Magic Jack was not working on El Capitan. I finally got around to contacting the MJ chat service center today and got instructions on how to fix it. They told me to put the following link into my browser and download the file. Clicking on this link will download the fix for El Capitan.

When the file downloads, you will find three items. First, a set of instructions that I will include below. Second a MJupdate terminal to execute, which will modify the code in the Magic jack device. Third is a Magic Jack setup program to finish the update.

I just got through executing their instructions and am happy to say that Magic Jack is now working on El Capitan.

The instructions, which are the first part of the download, follows. It will give you an idea of the process to fix the MJ problem.

magicJack Update Instructions

This update fixes magicJack device compatibility with MacOS X 10.11 “El Capitan”.
It is recommended for all magicJack devices with an Ethernet port regardless of the MacOS X version they are used with.

Step 1. Plug your magicJack device into the Mac’s USB port. Wait for up to 10 seconds for a drive window with the magicJack icon to appear.
If the drive window appears, please skip to Step 2.
On MacOS X 10.11 (“El Capitan”) the drive window may not appear. In this case, please follow these steps:
1.1 Unplug magicJack device from the Mac’s USB port.
1.2 Restart your Mac. Please do not skip this step. It is very important to restart your Mac before going further.
1.3 Plug your magicJack device into your Mac’s USB port. Wait for up to 10 seconds for the drive window with the magicJack icon to appear.
If the drive window appears, proceed to Step 2.
1.4 Unplug your magicJack device from the Mac’s USB port.
1.5 Wait a couple of seconds.
1.6 Repeat steps 1.3-1.5 until the drive window with the magicJack icon appears.

Step 2. Double-click “mjupdate” icon from the Finder window, from which you have opened this instructions document.
The “mjupdate” tool will start in a Terminal window and display the following text:
“Detected a magicJack device. Opening…”
“magicJack Device connected”
“PLEASE DO NOT UNPLUG! Updating, please wait…”
Let the tool do its job. Wait for up to a minute until you see the following text in the Terminal window:
“magicJack device has been successfully updated. Please replug before use.”
You may close the Terminal window after the above text is displayed in the Terminal window.

Step 3. Unplug your magicJack device from the Mac’s USB port, wait for a couple of seconds, and plug it back in. A drive window with the magicJack icon will appear in several seconds.

Step 4. Double-click the “magicJackSetup” icon. The updated version of the magicJack application will be installed to your Mac, and then launched.

This concludes the magicJack update instructions.

If something goes differently than described, please double check that the steps of this instruction are followed precisely.
If you follow the steps, but it doesn’t work as described, please contact our support at

33 thoughts on “Magic Jack Problem Fixed on El Capitan

  1. What do you think of El Capitan? I haven’t downloaded it yet. It always scares me to install a new OS. Thanks.

  2. I have a few minor problems using MJ.

    1) not MJ’s fault – Windows OS often doesn’t recognize it as it does a lot of other programs that are supposed to start with the turn on of Windows. The fix is simply unplug, wait a few seconds, and plug back in (better than shutting down and restarting slow going Windows).
    2) not MJ’s fault – It cuts off after about and hour of talking (wife not me) but this probably the fault of the internet provider.
    3) The MJ screen is too big and I miss what is being advertised or promoted in the bottom part of the screen. This may be MJ’s fault or it could be the fault of my monitor’s configuration.
    4) sometimes the chat service actually has answers – it may take a while to the next level.
    5) sometimes when wife is using the MJ, my use of the same computer can interfere with the MJ.
    6) when the evaluation is too harsh to mesh with my realities, then I fell someone has another ax to grind or are trying to kill competition with the old sales technique of planting seeds of doubt.
    7) I always have to go to the MJ menu to find the number since I haven’t had a need to memorize it. I liked it better when the number showed on the main page.

    What I like about it

    1) it works well and the voice quality is good.
    2) it is cheap and is virtually free for me and actually returns money back into my pocket since I use it as my solo long distance service and told the land line company that I didn’t wish to pay their $7.95 per month for LD service (it may cost more now – over the past 5 years I have saved $480 less the cost of MJ’s $10 per year). I suspect that a lot of people don’t know their telephone company charges them for having LD services available.
    3) MJ app works on my Android phone when I have wifi (almost universally available for free) so why even subscribe to the phone service. I could unplug my MJ on the desk top and simply use the Android phone. This too can be a big savings like $600 per year vs a cell phone provider’s fees.
    4) on the Android using MJ, I can text message (refer to me vs wife usage above) back and forth with anyone on their cell phone (or MJ on a cell phone – I suppose).
    5) I use the MJ on both devices for my phone list data bank
    6) did I mention that I can call the US or Canada from anywhere in the world using MJ
    7) did I mention that over the next 5 years MJ could save me $3,480 – enough to buy a lot of replacement computers along the way – better yet maybe a vacation to Panama.
    8) I could save another $2,187 per 5 year period if my wife would let me drop the land line. That would be $5,667 total savings over 5 years.
    9) the home set up using the desktop computer allows me to use a cordless phone and have them all over the house to pick up anywhere – the same function could be had just by leaving my android cell phone on and carrying it around with me.
    10) you pay a lot for the NetTalk service. I have an internet provider and they will give me the same thing as the MJ for $30 per month plus taxes. This one is a no brainer.

  3. You get what you pay for…. I used Magic Jack for 4 years without much problem… but when you DO have a problem forget it…. They only make money when your phone receives calls. They own the company… (forget the name right now ) that receives the calls from other networks. If you do not get a lot of calls coming in from other providers to your MJ over time… they will eventually shut you down. They do this by any number of ways. 1. if you need to replace your module they will not let it work 2. if you want to buy more minutes for foreign calls they will not let the credit go through. They will say they are investigating the problem when you complain but that just goes on for years while you have no phone.

    I am surprised more people don’t know this… low information people I guess.

    NetTalk is a little more expensive, but you can talk to a human and their system’s sound is better. Most of their clientele is ex Magic Jack customers. ….AND they don’t shut you off in a sneaky manner. if you don’t get enough incoming calls… I use Skype for incoming…

  4. Does anyone know what Guy is talking about? I, maybe, get 4 calls a month. I don’t see how they could make any money on that anyway. And their cost to me would be worth a little aggravation by me. I believe that I read once that NetTalk and MJ were the same company but I could be wrong on that. Originally, MJ was supposed to put ads on the start up page but I have never seen any. NetTalk doesn’t look like it does anymore that MJ. Don’t see any mention on the NetTalk home page about having an Android app available like MJ does.

  5. From Wikipedia

    “The company has received negative coverage in a 2010 ZDNet review which identified problems with voice quality.,[7] an issue raised in approximately half of consumer reviews on retail sites.[8] NetTALK has also been the target of Better Business Bureau (BBB) complaints as support tickets often go unanswered and telephone calls to the company itself incur long “hold” times or are dropped.[9]”

  6. Funny… how a little bit of knowledge….. gets the wrong answer to a problem

    anyone EVER talk to a live human being on Magic Jack?

    These VOIP companies make their money on incoming calls to their client…outgoing costs them… you are persona non grata if you don’t receive enough calls with MJ… you can figure out their business plan with common sense even if you are mentally challenged… NetTalk, Vonage, etc. and a couple of other companies are up front about the cost of doing business… they charge you extra just in case you don’t get the incoming calls and they have LIVE PEOPLE to handle problems … Magic Jack plays games. Maybe not yet with you and maybe never if you receive enough calls… but one day they will if you don’t get the calls they need to keep you on REGARDLESS of their contract.

  7. I guess that I am really confused. Who pays MJ for incoming calls to me? And why would they? MJ just recently increased their service to me by giving me a MJ app for the cell phone and they didn’t charge extra for that. and, if MJ gets paid for incoming calls to me, what is wrong with that whether they tell me about it or not?

  8. I have had my MJ for over 10 years. I make a minimum of one call a week to the U.S.

    I have used it many times to call U.S. Government numbers that have our me on hold for over an hour. The quality of my calls has usually been good as long as Cable Onda isn’t having Internet problems.

    At $20 a year for all the usage I have given it, it has been a fantastic device. I probably receive no more than four or five calls a year.

  9. I just completed the steps for correcting the El Capitan problem three times using two different browsers (Chrome and FireFox). I get all the way to the third step and get hung up. The Magic Jack setup file responds with an error message indicating it was corrupted and must be ejected. Clicking the Magic Jack icon results in a failed attempt at opening the Magic Jack after a delay to timeout. I cannot get that final setup file to work. Can anyone help please? Thanks.

  10. Not sure what the browsers Havre to do with the fin. You hace to do the download to Getafe the fix download, brom then on, no browser is requiere. You use ítems in the download.

  11. save yourself a lot of headaches and get NetTalk….. Magic Jack will deliberately sabotage you if they determine at some point you are not receiving enough calls…

  12. Guy – time for you to back off. You are obviously a NetTalk plant and this post is related to fixing a MJ problem. No more off-topic comments from you are needed or wanted.

  13. I am not a NetTalk plant… In fact there are several systems out there that you can Google that do the same job Magic Jack does besides NetTalk… I used Magic Jack for years and was satisfied with the incredible savings like I do now with NetTalk or Skype. It is just that I like many ran into this call receiving problem from Magic Jack like countless others have and switched. I am doing a public service for those who will eventually have the same problem. If anything it seems YOU are promoting Magic Jack. I would suggest that there are alternatives is all.

    Now you being banned from all the local Blogs and now banning me because of a post that doesn’t agree with your attitude towards Magic Jack….

    Boy that’s rich…. and ironic… and hypocritical… but that’s my last post on this site with your 15 followers…

    bye bye

  14. Guy, your problem is you have a hard time focusing on the subject of the post. This is specifically related to solving a problem with MJ related to running it on the new Apple OS.

    It is not a review on competing VOIP products, in which your views would be semi related.

    I have many other older posts on MJ and problems and other VOIPs. If you want to comment there feel free.

    If you run and Apple and have a suggestion to assist in other Apple users that are having this problem with MJ, feel free to comment.

    This was one time when MJ’s support came through for me.

  15. Thank you so much for posting this update. MJ promised to contact clients via email and never did, so this post is great. After a few trials it did work and MJ is back to normal. I had MJ since I met the Founder and yes! it could improve its customer service , but except for Apple, most do not offer efficient CS. So all is well and again thanks to this post.

  16. Regarding the upgrade for Magic Jack to work with El Capitan, I got an error message indicating that the MagicJackSetup file was corrupted and should be deleted. Turns out my system security was set to deny access to “foreign file formats from strangers”. You can solve that as follows (from Magic Jack Customer Service):

    The updated version of the magicJack application will be installed to your Mac, and then launched. If you receive the message: “magicJackSetup” is damaged and can’t be opened.”, go to “System Preferences” -> “Security & Privacy” and click the “General” tab. Click the lock image at the bottom of the window to enable changes. Under “Allow apps downloaded from”, click the radio button beside “Anywhere”. Now go back and double click the “magicJackSetup” icon.
    Once the app is launched you can change your security setting back to “Mac App Store and identified developers”.

    I used this approach and it solves the problem. My Magic Jack is back online. Hooray!

  17. Tried the fix at least 10 times – not working – had originally downloaded it from MJ’s chat – and then found this and redownloaded in case the original was corrupted – still no joy – keeps restarting and asking me to reconnect – am in HK so chat is closed now – in fact MJ worked better on my El Capitan before the fix – will not start at all now – prior to the fix it started after several retries – any ideas? Using the original MJ plugged into a USB – does show on the desktop – Older computer running El Capitan – but the terminal & the update say they have done their jobs – no joy!

  18. thank you… thank you… thank you…
    Why did they not post it on their website?
    Finally a fix after all this time.

    It wasn’t easy but after 4 attempts I finally got it to work.

    again thx for posting this information.

  19. Awesome Post, thank you, it was very simple to follow. For those less comfortable, it would ease the things if you allow TEMPORARY the use apps from “anywhere” you do this by going to “System Preferences > Security & Privacy [General Tab] > At the bottom choose [you might need to unlock the lock at the left down corner] “Anywhere”.

    Then follow this great guide and it will work on the first try, it did for me. Thanks again.

    Note: Don’t forget to switch back to “Mac App Store and identified developers” on the System Preferences!

  20. Above “Fix” didn’t work for me. ten went through chat session doing same thing. still didn’t work. Then downlad app for MJ to take control of computer, and that crashed. Finally, perhaps in desperation, MJ said I needed a new device which, because mine is out of warranty, will cost $27.00. Should arrive Sat. or Monday. Frustrating to contact MJ because there is no 24/7 support. I think basically, they decided that they couldn’t update my device andthe ones they sell now will run on El Capitan, so sell me that and hope it works (I hope so, too). No major problems over the years, and the software has gotten better as far as inputing (2 t;s??) contacts, etc. I hadn’t looked for other VOiP companies or devices, so those are new to me, and perhaps by the time I have to renew, the dust will have settled on sho gives best service, etc. But, this page adn tip, although it didn’t work for me, was very helpful in pointing me to the eventual resolution. Very good comments.

    God’s Blessings.

  21. The fix worked on my husband’s MJ on his MacBook Air – I am on a 2011 MacBook Pro – and have tried at least 15/20 times with no luck – In fact I gave him the fix – so it was identical – both of our MJs are old and we bought them at the same time – so the age of the MJ was not an issue. I gave him mine to update and it was then able to work on his Air – but still not on mine – and so I am skeptical that a new MJ would work on mine either – but – good luck with that and please report back – so I will know if the purchase is worth it next time I am in the US.

    For now am able to use mine on my 2009 MacBook Pro – too old for El Capitan

  22. My problem is Im on el Capitan 10.11.3 and the MJ pro doesnt even mount as a drive. Completely screwed me up.

  23. I have read most of the above posts and have contacted Magicjack. They say that to get the update working sometimes it is necessary to try it 20-25 times…I am up to 10 times and starting to get upset. The magicjack icon isn’t even coming up on my desktop. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

  24. I got to the US went in to Best Buy and purchased a new MJ in case that was the problem – I applied the update to the new one several times with no success – after hours on the phone with MJ finally let someone in to my computer to who looked to check everything I had already told them about my OS – the brilliant reply from this helpful chat genius was – OH MJ doesn’t work on El Capitan!

    My experience is that it doesn’t work on older Macs (I have an early 2011 17″ MacBook Pro) the fix worked immediately on my husband’s 2013/14?? Air…..

    At least it still works on my very old 17″ MacBook Pro on Snow Leopard and the app is great on all of my iPhones & iPads…. all up to date OSs

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