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  1. Don… I don’t know if this is the right forum, but I have questions about Panama. I am traveling there in Jan and Feb and paln to rent a car , drive around and see different areas. Is there any advice/ warnings/ you would have for a 1st time visitor?

  2. This is a blog and not a forum, so anywhere will do. If you are planning on driving from Panama City, then make sure you know how to get out of the city and onto the InterAmerican Highway. Some places in PC you do not want to get into and ask for directions.

    Less problems driving in Panama than in Costa Rica. You should be ok if you speak some Spanish. The Boquete flower festival is the first part of January and during that time it will be hard to find a hotel vacancy if you don’t have reservations. You might check out the Lonely Planet to see what others think.

  3. Thanks Don for that info. I will have a gps with my car rental. I am coming late Jan. from PC to Sntiago, David, Boquete and back to Cambutal and Pedasi…about 3 weeks. I have the Lonely Planet and Moon guide books as well. Would you make hotel reservations ahead or just go day by day, town by town?
    Thanks, Ray

  4. Does the flower festival go all thru Jan? Also, do you think I should reserve ahead for hotels or can I go day by day?

  5. No, it is only for about a week, but I don’t know the dates.

    Except for that day by day shouldn’t be a problem, but this is Panama and nothing is for sure.

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