I Miss John Denver

Today I wanted to listen some music that fills the soul with happiness. When that need hits, it seems like I always head over to the Internet for a little John Denver. I searched YouTube for John Denver and found John Denver performing of The Wildlife concert.

I always thought he had the most soothing voice and I am a sucker for ballads and no one is better than John Denver.

One thing I have never understood is how performers, like him, are able to remember all the words to their songs. This YouTube put all the words for the song on the screen. If inclined, you can sing along.

You just can’t help but feel better when you listen to him. I went to see him live in concert and will always remember it.

Gone all to soon, but still providing enjoyment years after his death.

6 thoughts on “I Miss John Denver

  1. We have loved him forever! Thank you so much for this, Don Ray. We had a lovely evening with some wine, this concert and each other.

  2. I enjoy Denver too. I have to relate a funny story. My wife and I were driving a weird car made by BMW (apparently designed by engineers who just don’t get American markets or expectations of what cars actually do – take you to pick up groceries) for some friends across the West. I turned on the radio to Denver. There never was a station break and on the third time around we began wondering what was going on. We found out from the owner that he had per-programed a this into the system’s memory. We all had a good laugh. The BMW reminds me of KMart – let’s see how difficult we can make this transaction for our customers.

  3. What a terrible loss! Thank you for sharing this performance with us. Your blog is the first thing I read every day, and this is the most beautiful performance I have heard on line.

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