Rainbows Continue

Everyone is up. All is well with the world. It is really a Thanksgiving Day.

I decided to put on on Pandora to have some music.

Look at the first song that played. It is just God’s way of saying “Welcome back Marion”.

7 thoughts on “Rainbows Continue

  1. Great news. So good to hear Marion is doing better. I’m sure she still has a ways to go, so the prayers continue.

  2. Good news ! Makes our Thanksgiving day an even happier one.

    “Over the Rainbow” by IZ Kamakawiwo’ole
    IZ was a friend of mine for well over a decade before he died of obesity. Over that decade he was my patient on and off in the Queen’s Medical Center, Honolulu where I worked as a nurse. When he passed away he weighed over 800 pounds and was 38yr old. I was his nurse for his last week on this earth. He was a special person in many many ways and so loved by Hawaii that his funeral was held at the Honolulu capital rotunda to allow everyone to pay respects. When I cared for him in the hospital he would play this song on his ukulele for all of us nurses. Brother Iz was a special person in my life and I will never forget him. I’m thankful for that experience….it was an honor.

  3. Nursing school didn’t prepare me for the care of an over 800 lb patient that consumed two beds bolted together. (I trained in Florida where people never got that big). I learned a lot from IZ…. To be a person trapped inside one’s own body, you either become bitter and pathetic or tolerant and accepting. Tolerance and acceptance of whatever my lot in life was his lesson to me personally. His one wish was to be able to get into his own truck and drive off, lean out the window and say “See ya!” He lost his independence when his weight went over 600 lbs. From then on to get from point “A” to “B” involved a fork lift to set him into the bed of a pickup. He could not sing without oxygen…and could not move much. Everything he ate ( which at the 600lb point) went to fat. 200 lb+ later he died. His brother died the same way. Hawaii…..obeisity…..Hawaiian kings. It was another world for me as a nurse. He was not my only huge patient. I am thankful for the experience. I still cry when I hear his voice……

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