MC Update – November 25 – In the words of William Wallace “F r e e d o m”

Just a brief update. Marion was discharged today. She will continue her recovery process, but no longer within Hospital Mae Lewis. As an appropriate sign from above, as we were leaving the hospital, what did we see but a rainbow.

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It couldn’t have been more perfect.

At the appropriate time, Deborah is planning on having a celebration, at a location to be chosen, so that Marion can see all of her well wishers.

18 thoughts on “MC Update – November 25 – In the words of William Wallace “F r e e d o m”

  1. What a great news! The Lord have listened to our prayers / good wishes/ meditations for her recovery. Thanks for your continuous care, Don and Lilliam.

  2. Great, great, great news! I can now stop holding my breath for her recovery enough from critical care. Must admit, I was really scared. I know how incredibly relieved you, Lilliam, Deborah, and their family in Scotland are.

    Next phase, hoping for an uncomplicated full recovery.

    Thank you, most sincerely, for your devotion to Marion and Deborah. What a fine chap you are!

  3. Well, we have been waiting and praying and being there always on the side, but this is the best news yet. Linda and Hellmut …. plus,….we have another gift for Marion….

  4. The best of news!!! We have been following your posts on Marion!!

    Wishing her a speedy and full recovery! Not only of the visible scars but the emotional ones left by those horrendous teens!!! If I was shaken by her incident and didn’t feel safe, I can only imagine how she feels.

    God bless her!!! She is so brave! So strong!

  5. Another wonderful step toward recovery. By my calculation, that was 55 days in the hospital. I can not even imagine the hospital bill. Hopefully the public has or will help. Thank you Don for all you have done and continue to do. Truly something to be thankful for on this day of Thanksgiving

  6. Fantastic news! May God help her healing progress! Thanks Don for being such a good friend of hers!

  7. This is wonderful news. So thankful that Marion can be at home surrounded by loved ones.. May we all learn from her strength.

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