TIME to see the Time Doctor

I don’t remember when Lilliam first told me about El Marquez Watch repair. The first time I wrote about it is HERE and it gives directions.

Today we had 5 watches to have batteries replaced and/or band lengths adjusted. I took a couple photos while we waited.

The first has Marques adjusting one of the watched. It also shows some Grand Father clocks he has serviced.


The second photo has several was clocks in various stages of repair.


I have had Marquez come to the house and service some of my wall clocks. He is capable and I trust him to do the work.

As always, if you see Marquez, tell him you heard of him on Chiriqui Chatter.


5 thoughts on “TIME to see the Time Doctor

  1. I went to Marquez with, my wife, Donna’s old expensive watch that needed a battery. Marquez told me it was dead and the cost of replacing the works was not worth it.
    He told me it was time to buy my wife a new watch. No charge. She will be getting the time from her phone.

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