The Mortality Rate on Boquete Ning is Increasing

I think that the CDC needs to start an investigation of the disappearance of members on Boquete Ning. It seems like the Internet life expectancy of members on this website is diminishing by the day.

I had been following a new member on Ning named Perestace. He was new to Ning and apparently Panama, but was asking several probing questions, such what did JLM stand for. For some reason, JLM refuses to answer that simple question.

When Planet Telecom voiced its disapproval of the new JLM business plan and said it would not sign up for another year, BN removed the discussion post and removed the author’s membership and even removed the ad.

Upon seeing this, Perestace, posted the following, inviting JLM to consider its actions and possibly alter its course. After all, Boquete Ning has been revered Internet landmark for several years.

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I see that Perestace’s membership and all of his posts are removed and Perestace is no longer to be found.

Dave Veilleux, posted the following, recognizing that paid advertisements on Boquete Ning mean nothing, because JLM management will remove said advertisements, if the paying clients don’t bow down and kiss the ground that JLM walks on.

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JLM should realize that this is not really the way to build a strong business relationship in a small province like Chiriquí.

However, back to my original point. I am concerned about the disappearing membership of those with the most longitivtiy in Chiriquí on Boquete Ning. Has JLM contaminated the water? Has it diagnosed some strange affliction that these people had and has secretly illuminated their Internet lives for the betterment of others seeking paradise?

Maybe the CDC needs to not only focus on person to person transmittable diseases, but should also focus on Internet contagions that cause Internet personalities to vanish without warning.

I don’t feel to bad about Perestace because I think he knew his future was short. I can tell this by his name.

Perestace = Pe – rest -ace = Rest in Peace.

20 thoughts on “The Mortality Rate on Boquete Ning is Increasing

  1. As a proud wearer of the “banned” badge I’m taking perverse delight in watching the decline of Boquete Ning. I can almost hear the “death rattle” now…

  2. Is this a bad dream and am I going to wake up to a real Ning? I don’t think I was watched over as closely by my elementary school teacher.
    A few weeks ago I attempted to promote a discussion on what the membership felt of the new Ning to date but nothing ever came of it. We are constantly reminded by management of numerous emails received in support of the kinder (!!!!!!) Ning but yet there is never a discussion topic initiated by them to allow pro and con viewpoints. What I’d really like to see is an interactive survey with a selection of questions where viewers as well as members can participate; but I know that won’t happen.

  3. Perestace. Very clever. I saw Ambreen asked him to explain his name.

    Did you happen to notice the new slide show on ning? One of the pictures is of a South Eastern Asian woman selling fruit! I guess they think that hat is a Panamanian Toquilla!

  4. I have read this site, on and off, for many years. I never thought of telling Don Ray that he should run it differently. I really don’t care to tell JLM or whoever owns Ning to make their site the way I’d like it (which would not necessarily be the same as it was when Lee owned it).

    My problem with Ning is that it is less interesting and less useful, for me, in my attempt to follow local events and community reaction (even if I disagree with some people’s reaction).

    JLM has (presumably) paid good money to ruin (in my view) what was a useful site and I accept their right to do it and to ban people who want to complain. Of course this seems to many of us as ignoring their market, but I’d guess that JLM has another market in mind and, according to their too frequent pronouncements (no comments allowed), they are very happy with their eyeball traffic and the congratulatory emails flooding in from their new fans.

    As a somewhat detached observer, the ‘Old Ning” lovers (I only found putting up with it worth the information I could gain) continue to make a fuss about this subject because they viewed the site as almost a public utility… a town square that has now been closed, unless you have shaved this morning and put on your Sunday best. And no spitting on the grass or smoking.

    It would seem to me that beating a dead horse should stop eventually though. It seems apparent that that’s not over and there is no adequate 1-stop substitute for what Ning was.

  5. At the risk of redundancy, I just posted this on CL and think it fits pretty well here too…

    The problem JLM is having is that they are trying to referee a football game from the press box while viewing it through a soda straw.

    They are simply unaware of the plays developing, who the important players are and what they did earlier in the season. They see only a tiny fraction of the communication that goes on here in private email lists, conversations at Sugar & Spice and over cocktails at VE.

    Al and Planet Telecom have been solid contributors to our community for many years. I think it is obvious who the community will support.

    At least Lee and Fran were actual residents here, down in the pits mucking it up with the players and understanding the context of the battles.

  6. Sometimes it is better to change things and sometimes not. These are growing pains. It was not making a profit or so it seems. By making sweeping changes all at once, and then offending its readers, it will still not make a profit and maybe kill it. Everyone should decide if it is a social site or a bulletin board to buy and sell things or whatever. We need positive people to recommend positive things and for the owner or owners to respond in kind. Why not fix whats wrong rather than kill something that may need some TLC.

  7. I can’t say I wanted this to happen, but it now looks like advertising on ning is the social equivalent to going to Halloween party in blackface.

    The community reaction to our reply to JLM has been dramatic, and unanimous. It’s clear this hit a nerve with many of you. Thank you all for your support -whether expressed here, on CC, CL, facebook, yahoo groups, and ning (pre-deletion) your kind words were greatly appreciated.

  8. I have joined the ranks…..

    Sorry, Dave Veilleux, you can not access Boquete Panama as you have been suspended. If you think you’ve been suspended in error, you can contact the administrator.

  9. Bob of ning says Fran banned a lot more people than he has, but it certainly doesn’t seem that way. Maybe she did ban more quantity, but ning has banned quality – knowledgeable people who contributed a lot over the years, and people like Wry who just made us chuckle and sometimes wrote sincere and heartfelt things in support of other people.

  10. My concern is that Bob has plans for Ning other than for the benefit of the community as a whole. Maybe he has a select community that he is planning on supporting.

  11. You wouldn’t be referring to the community which carries the ad on Ning with the purple background would you!

  12. The comment about selecting an “ambassador” is curious. Do ningers need a go-between to deal with Bob?

  13. Well, if they get an ambassador, then they will probably want a WARDEN.
    Who do we know who is the best warden in Panama, hmmmmm.
    (Just yanking your chain.)

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