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IMG_1296On our morning walk I met Lic. Elvis L. Samudio, who is the Administrator for the new Design Plaza that is opening up on the old Boquete Road. I added a Google Map on the previous post for ELMEC.

Lic. Elvis was taking photos of the back of the center and I asked about the other stores that would be joining ELMEC.

As you would expect, from the name of this plaza, it is intended to be the home of many stores that are associated with design and construction of homes and and other developments.

Then it hit me. To get the attention of the Panama government related to cracking down on crime and changing the law related to minors, you have to follow the money.

None of the businesses in The Design Plaza will achieve their expectations, if there is a slow down in tourism and people wanting to move to Panama. I offered to speak with the business owners to have them start putting pressure on the appropriate officials for crime law changes.

This is just another “Follow the Money” strategy.

As a side note, the U.S. Embassy is in the planning stages for a potential December Outreach in Chiriquí. They are hoping to bring the security personal that have been advising the Panama government in gang and drug traffic control programs. If they are able to schedule this outreach, I will post the time, date and location.

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  1. Hummm….good thought ! Big money needs to be the push, but as well assist in start-ups in more community programs to hopefully redirect youth onto a useful paths and away from the gang lure. .

  2. Hola Don, seria de ayuda si me informaras, si tenemos o no crematorio en David, se te apreciaria. Mil gracias.


    “Empresarios se unen en Cadena humana por la paz en Chiriquí” – October 22, 2015

    Cinara Miranda, administradora de Plaza Terronal, exhortó a las autoridades a estar vigilantes y redoblar la seguridad. “Solicitamos a los diputados la revisión de la Ley 6 de 2010 que reforma la ley 40 de 1999, sobre el régimen especial de responsabilidad penal para adolescencia, con el fin de evitar que los jóvenes sigan siendo utilizados para cometer delitos. No queremos que los menores queden desprotegidos, sino que se establezcan parámetros claros y se adecúe la norma que aparentemente es muy flexible”, añadió.

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