11 thoughts on “Converse Is Open In Plaza Terronal in David

  1. I a bit disappointed, as I had always observed Mr. Williams’ very careful editing of his blog posts. I would not have thought that such an elementary mistake as “sneakered up on me” would have past mustard. I mean, passed muster. I don’t think “sneakered” is even a real word! What is this world coming to when even a seasoned veteran of the blogosphere such as DRW permits such editorial mediocrity to infest the internet like a fungus? This is simply another glaring example of the downfall of Western civilization! Maybe Eastern, too!

    Congratulations, Don Ray! Your readers have been snookered with “sneakered”!! Perhaps you should consider employing a proof-reader — it is my understanding that outsourcing to the Sub-continent may prove effective, as a certain highly-qualified individual may be ISO a new gig …

    We have higher expectations!

    Word Police

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