Planet Telecom Stands up for Its Clients

I think many of us, living in Chiriquí, have struggled trying to figure out what has motivated the JLM Foundation to pay good money for Boquete Ning and then destroy its best quality (its knowledge base).

A forum is only as good as the answers from its membership. When the real knowledge base has been removed, all you have left are new members with no experience or limited experience.

Recently, the new Boquete Ning management sent out emails soliciting new advertisers. The rates are higher and the value is less (my perception).

I think all of the current advertisers have been watching the new Boquete Ning management evaluating whether it would make sense to continue with Ning or advertise elsewhere.

Planet Telecom is the first to make a public announcement on Ning that they would not continue. In a well written reply to Ning’s announcement of its new business model, Planet Telecom gave their reasons for leaving at the end of their current contract.

Here was their post, which Ning immediately removed.

We have been following very closely the development of Boquete.ning under the new ownership and management. Thus far, we have seen a vibrant, interesting and useful resource turn into a platitudinous and vacuous forum where all content remotely critical of the changes is treated with immediate censorship and “disappearance” under the guise of “moderation”. It has become, in our minds, a virtual North Korea. The misguided and expedient efforts to “mold” the content of ning speak of a general disregard for ning’s most precious asset – its contributing members.

Good friends and clients have been banned, others silenced. These are people who have lived here many years, and have contributed richly to both local and expat life in Chiriqui. Moreover, the overall member attitudes towards ning has shifted from “the place to be” to the dustbin of cyber irrelevance, in the glorious company of, bananamarepublic and others .

It is Voltaire who famously said, “Monsieur l’abbé, je déteste ce que vous écrivez, mais je donnerai ma vie pour que vous puissiez continuer à écrire.”

Sadly, JLM Foundation has failed to heed those eternal words – words which encompass our philosophy and values. Whenever our company was criticized on ning or elsewhere, we respond – not with a surreptitious call to Lee to have the critical posts deleted (the vulgarity of such a gesture would be unimaginable), but with our candid explanation and response. This has garnered the respect of the community – and of our clients.

We sincerely believe the new administration bears the responsibility for this deterioration. The advertising asset known as ning, has in our estimation been significantly impaired to a point of no longer being a viable platform for Planet Telecom.

Please remove our ad at the end of the term.

As a Planet Telecom client, it means a lot to see a company stand up for the rights of its friends and clients. This is what you would expect from a ethical company.

Way to go PT!

I think they realized that having their name on the front page of Boquete Ning, implied that they agreed with ethical standards exuding from the New Ning. In the long run, it would cast a dark shadow on PT’s reputation and integrity.

I have a hunch that others will soon follow in their PT’s footsteps, for fear of having their reputation tarnished.

4 thoughts on “Planet Telecom Stands up for Its Clients

  1. As a client of Planet Telecom, and a former member (different name) of ning, I applaud this decision by PT. The reliability, and attention to customer service by PT is a breath of fresh air here in Chiriqui. Bravo Alain!

  2. In today’s world we judge a business based on its value. That value generally consists of price, service, and support. I will buy a product in one place because it is less expensive but I will gladly pay a bit more for it some place else if I get better service.

    In deciding value there is also the reputation of the business within the community. A company that supports the community… a company that is responsive to the community needs… and a company that takes the time to echo the voices of the community is truly of great value.

    Today, I have found even more value in a Planet Telecom. Business owners that try to remain anonymous and wish to silence the voices of community are of no value. Advertisers that support such a business are woefully out of touch with the community and likely do themselves more harm than good.

    Planet Telecom – thank you for being a voice of the community today

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