The New ELMEC is Open


On our morning walk, we went by the new Elmec store. Lilliam had told me it was open, but I wasn’t convinced, because it is not obvious from the outside.

As always, Lilliam was correct. Never argue with a TICA.

ELMEC opened in David in 2006 and the original post is HERE.

The new store is in the new mall on the old Boquete highway. Here is the Google Map.This is on the back side of Design Plaza.

9 thoughts on “The New ELMEC is Open

  1. Actually, that isn’t always the case. The last bathroom fixtures, I bout at ELMEC and they were cheaper than Do-It or Novey. You have so shop around.

  2. Hopefully it’s easier to get in and out of than the old store was. They do have a good variety of tiles and fixtures and wonderful customer service.

  3. Elmec was the first store in David that realized customer service is important. I am happy to say that many more have followed their example. What a difference a smile makes in helping you decide to empty your pockets 🙂

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