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It is always good to get some positive feedback in the morning.

Hi Don Ray,

Just FYI..

I have all the services I want up and running on my 3 sticks, in fact I just ordered 2 more.

Your recommendation for using the Amazon Fire Sticks was well founded, I will certainly recommend the same to anyone who asks.

Keep up the great work.



I will say up front that Dave is not technology challenged. He wrote me asking about installing KODI on the Amazon Fire Stick.

I am going to write the instructions I gave him, that he used to install KODI on his Amazon Fire Sticks. I have cleaned the instructions up a little from what I gave Dave, but admit, they are not totally complete. However, they should give a good idea of what is involved to do the install.

To do the install you will need a host PC on the same home network as the Amazon Fire Stick.

I use adbFire as the application on my Apple PC to communicate with the Amazon Fire Stick. Just down load it and install it like any other Apple App. Your Apple PC will have to be configured to allow the installation of 3rd party apps or it will not allow adbFire to be installed.

Connect the Fire Stick on your TV, using the normal Amazon instructions. Once running, and after you have watched Amazon’s tutorial, you have to go to the System settings and under “Developer Options”, turn “on” both ‘ADB debugging’ and ‘Apps demo Unknown’.

I also turn “off” ‘Collect App Usage Data’ in the Applications area, but that isn’t required.

Next you have to install two applications on the Fire Stick (this process is called sideloading).

The first is FireStarter. It works as a front end to Amazon’s system and makes future updates easier on the Amazon Fire Stick. You have to download the app and put it on your desk top for the adbFire to install on the FS.

The second app is KODI. I am now using the 15.2 version, which requires an easy install of the fusion add-on.

You can find the KODI application HERE and the FireStarter Application HERE.

With the Apps on your desktop, you are almost ready to do the install.

You will have to determine the IP address of the Fire Stick on your normal network. You can find the network IP address under the Network area in Setting on the Fire Stick. Write it down, because you are going to have to provide this address to adbFire.

After you have done this, you can “connect” your PC to the Fire Stick and install both FireStarter and KODI.

Once they are installed, you will most likely have to go to the Applications area under Settings on the Fire Stick and launch FireStarter. From then on, FireStarter should be the application that opens when you use the Fire Stick.

Next you need to execute KODI and configure it with the Fusion TVADDON. HERE are instructions.

This will give you the basic setup. There is much more tweaking you can do to KODI, but this will give you a working system.

NOTE: These instructions assume that an Apple PC will be used as the host installation system. If you are using a Windows system, then you will need to download and install the Windows version of adbFire application.

If you have read this far and said, “Whew, I don’t have a clue what he is talking about, but I would sure like KODI on my Fire Stick”, stop by my house and I will do the install on one Fire Stick and show how how KODI works.

For $39 you can’t beat the Amazon Fire Stick with KODI.

I also am using Amazon Prime, but to get the most out of Amazon Prime in Panama, you have to appear like you are in the U.S. For that, I use UNLOCATOR. I use UNLOCATOR in place of a VPN because it doesn’t introduce extra load on the Internet.

8 thoughts on “KODI on FireStick

  1. I have had my firestick loaded with Kodi (Isingard 15.1) for awhile now… Never loaded the firestarter though. What exactly is the advantage, ie does it help for updating to 15.2 and other versions when they’re released?

    Thanks in advance!

  2. Don;

    Returning to Chiriqui on January 4-31st. Wonder if you have any comments on KODI 15.2 vs. 16.0? Plan to bring a KODI enabled Firestick with me — note your comments on UNLOCATOR vs. VPN — leads to the question of how much added load would my existing HideMyAss VPN add? Would load be noticed on Claro in Volcan? Any issues with Hulu or Roku?


    Bill notNing….

  3. I am running KODI 15.2 with no problems. 16 is beta and should not be used.

    If all you reun is KODI, then you won’t need a vpn or Unlocator. You will need a Von or Unlocator to see us programs like Hulu, NetFlix, Amazon Prime.

    I think you will see some degradation with any VPN. It is the nature of the beast.

    If you have fire starter on the fire stick, it is easier to update KODI.

  4. good afternoon just moved to capira and have a fast internet will firestick tv work in the country of panama with internet cable onda

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