MC Update November 6

It has been about eight days since my last update.

For those just tuning in, this is a followup to THIS POST.

Let me start off by making something clear. This is a slow process. I went to the hospital yesterday morning and there were some visitors hoping to see Marion and had heard she was very much improved to the point that she might be released soon.

I had seen her the previous day, in the morning and the evening, and she was having a bad day. She was having difficulty breathing. Then, yesterday morning when I saw her, there had been no improvement. I could tell she was concerned.

I spoke with the doctor and he said they had found fluids in her lungs again. He said his plan was to drain the fluids. He called me about 1 PM yesterday and said he had talked to Marion and explained the situation. He explained the procedure to me, and said the procedure was scheduled for 3PM.

We went to the hospital around 6PM and the doctor was just writing up his notes. He took me in to see Marion. He showed me the before and after lung x-rays and they showed great improvement. He showed me the amount of fluid that had been removed and it looked substantial to me.

Marion was sort of conscious and the doctor asked if it was easier to breath and she said yes.

We went today and could see tremendous improvement from the previous two days.

I have previously mentioned that she still have not been able to take solid foods. An endoscopy will be scheduled when the doctor feels it can be tolerated to determine why.

I have gone into more detail than normal, but I feel that it should be understood that this has been an extremely dangerous situation, caused by a home invasion by several youths, one of which was only 14.

It is only by the grace of God causing several things to fall into place, that has allowed Marion to be where she is today.

Had two individuals not

  1. paid the $4,000 to allow admittance to Hospital Mae Lewis and
  2. JF not been one of the individuals with the correct blood type and
  3. had Dr. Cattán not said that he would do the surgery in Mae Lewis,

I personally think Marion would not be here today.

Even with that, there is still a long way to go. There still has to be a determination of what is causing the difficulty with solid foods, and then actually getting converted to solid foods.

Marion is still in an Intensive Care environment, under 24 hour a day observation. She still tires quickly. When I visit, I try to stay a very short period of time.

She is aware of all the “well wishes”, that have been sent, and appreciates everyone’s concern and prayers.

This morning, I ran by the David post office and picked up the Proof of Life letter for me from the SSA. We then drove to Dolega and I picked up Marion’s POL letter. I hope to have them ready to send to the Embassy by next Monday.

It has been a long week. I feel every week we complete is a good week. I am happy with the way the week is ending. I hope for an even better week, next week.

11 thoughts on “MC Update November 6

  1. Our prayers are continuous for her and for her support system. Thank you Don Ray for your continued loyalty and concern for Marion. To us…you are a saint, along with the others who stepped up right away to insure she had an option to survive. Keep fighting Marion!!!!
    Hugs from
    Bill and Alison

  2. Im so sorry for the weight on your shoulders and thank you for taking it on. I just got out of the hospital Obaldia when my son, who we thought was suffering from debilitating giardia since arriving to Panama, losing 20%+ of body weight, failing to thrive, was actually giving rise to an underlying dormant condition of type 1 diabetes. After the ICU and all the week of mostly highs and a few lows getting used to medications, we are out and getting ‘normal” after a week. I can only imagine what you feel after weeks of this with marion. I have been following all your updates and my heart just goes out to you and all those that are close to Marion, and especially for her. God must have a huge job for her on this planet, seeing her through all of this with the help of friends. I pray for speedy and complete recovery, and grace and wellness, peace for you and all shoe care and tend for her. We are all together in the caring nature for anyone amongst us. I’m sure that 14 yr old, in knowing her struggle will find his “karma” and his repentance. Stay strong and find grace. Thanks for your humor in the mean time.

  3. Marion is still, IMHO in critical condition. Those of you “dropping in” to see her need to know that she is so weak that an infection brought in by a well-meaning idiot (yes, I mean IDIOT) could be the end of her. STAY AWAY until Don, Marion or Deborah tell you, PERSONALLY that it is OK to visit. Again, I cannot believe that we have people who think they are important in their own minds are threatening Marion’s life by visiting. Oh, but she wil really want to see MEEEEEEE. STOP IT NOW. The ONLY special people right now are the doctors and nurses looking after Marion. STAY AWAY, how much more direct can I be? This isn’t a game that can be solved by some intellectually challenged do-gooder going to see her so that THEY will feel important. Grow up folks, this is real life

  4. Words can convey neither the depths of our concern nor the scope of our hopes and prayers for continuing recovery, no matter how patient we all must be — Dear Marion especially.

    Kelly, your words — and your empathy — are beautifully and thoughtfully wrought. Thank you.

    John, I feel certain that Marion’s health care providers, along with Don Ray and Deborah, are quite capable of providing a safe recovery environment for her — without the unnecessary anger. Your passionate plea should be and is noted.

    And Don Ray, as always, the gratitude of your readers and of Marion’s friends and loved ones is immeasurable. Thank you.

    Ease and grace, Marion, ease and grace ….


  5. Believe me, Wry, I actually tempered my remarks above. I can only comment that my wife is my guide.

  6. Well said John. If the IDIOTS want to really help they can donate money. I observed that they only collected two hundred and some dollars at the flea market.

  7. Since ning removed their call for donations for Marion, it would be good to add it to Chiriqui Life (Donations Topic). I would put a link to this blog, but I don’t know if money is still being collected or where people are dropping it off. If someone knows this, please put it on CL.

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