Time For Some Positive Levity

Boquete NING’s own beloved moderator, Ambreen, wrote an inspirational piece intended to motivate the masses and inspire them to help keep Boquete NING Positive. To quote Ambreen, “There is no place on Ning for for the negatives any longer. “ She was so excited that she stuttered. Did you notice?

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I know that her post would have received wild adoration for her eloquence, but alas, she did not allow comments. I can only assume it was sheer modesty that prevented her from allowing others to sing her praise. I know, I for one, would have praised her inspiration, but as you may remember, Ambreen Banned me. 🙁

What do you know? She is a genius! It worked. No sooner did her words hit the Internet, than a newly motivated Cloudless chimed in and agreed that there should be “NO MORE NEGATIVES! BE HAPPY :)”

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Now isn’t this swell. It only took a single post, from a highly motivated moderator, and now everyone is in lockstep agreement. We are all happy. We love each other and especially Boquete and Boquete NING.

Thank you Boquete NING. Thank you Boquete NING. Thank you Boquete NING. Just like Panama, this month, we are celebrating our independence from negative oppression.

23 thoughts on “Time For Some Positive Levity

  1. However, it is perfectly okay for a prominent member of the Boquete expat community to call out those who he can’t pin a name to with remarks such as, “Why would I waste my time responding to some pot-shot taking coward who’s hiding behind an alias?” and be applauded for it by the moderator!

  2. ning has such a huge, devoted member base that in almost 5 hours since ambreen posted her discussion,104 people viewed it, 1 person liked it.

    don ray, maybe you would volunteer to be ambreen’s personal proofreader, it was, indeed, difficult to not notice her enthusiastic stuttering!

  3. A.J. – That is one of the reason, I have not returned to NING under an alias. I make mistakes like everyone else, however, if I make a mistake, it will be under my name.

    I would bet a dollar to a donut that NING thinks I am still there in disguise.

    Poor Lee would turn over in his grave if he could see his creation.

    Lynnie, if I don’t take my time I make many editing mistakes as evidenced by the current comments on RD’s site.

  4. It was a no-brainer that you were due an apology and re-in statement. That did not happen. …..too bad

  5. I disagree. It was not a single person being banned, but the banning of everyone that might not have thought as the management of NING wanted.

  6. Oh, yes, and I’m a bit suspicioys of his/her membership stats. Kinda like the police writing warning tickets from gravestone information…….

  7. There is a little more to the story. Amberdeen added her “Time to Move On” non-discussion after she deleted another discussion that was started by Mike Petersen titled “Ning vs Chatter”. I copied that discussion but your reply box won’t accept paste-ins.
    Bottom line is that JLM is not going to allow any discussion of alternative sites.

  8. Avoid the new .ning unless you drink the kool aid and enjoy happy hooey! Besides, the new site is ugly, clunky and unworthy!

  9. I saw the discussion before it was pulled. There was very little that was negative about Ning other than it had changed and was a bit boring now compared to its former self. I captured a quote from Bill that I was going to reply to before it was pulled.

    I thought Bill had a very nice observation about how each platform and what it does best for him. It seems to hit the nail square on the head. I am not sure why Ambreen got her panties in a wad over it.

    Reply by Bill 2 minutes ago

    My personal opinion, but it does reflect how I am using the sites:

    Ning is still the best platform for events and buying/selling.
    Boquete News on Facebook is the best platform for local news of interest to expats.
    Chiriqui Chatter is the best platform to get open and unabashed commentary from expats, but it is a blog and the discussions are all originated by DRW.
    Chriqui Life is the best platform for forum type discussions, but it is not user-friendly, and “rich” discussions are restrained by real name disclosure requirements. Right now it has a about a dozen regulars who talk to themselves.

    So, as Val said, I am using resources as required, but all the fun is gone.

  10. Only in a Ning world would used car salesmen, lawyers, and ex telemarketer ministers be held in high esteem. Some kind of parallel universe above 900 meters?

  11. I guess we’re all still mourning the loss of an old friend. It was a one-stop place where I could stop in while I was having my morning coffee or my second glass of wine before I shut down for the evening. I could find out what was happening in Boquete and I could agree or disagree with locals and wannabe locals about what it’s really like to live here.

    Boquete Ning was an honest place. Now it is phony and trite. Tragic.

    I am adjusting to getting/sharing information through other sources, and I believe that I will be completely weaned from Ning soon.

  12. The new ning is the old ning with a lobotomy. What a shame. Still a mystery on who owns it. Lack of transparency is troubling, as is the current moderation.

  13. Just had a peek at ning, how on earth is it possible for a human being to be as f*king thick as Ambreen is?

    This is the headline for ning’s ever-so-benevolent, heartfelt announcement to collect donations for Marion Clamp,

    For those of you who would like to personally donate…

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