Report – Chiriqui Flea market – Crime Awareness Day

I received this for posting:

We are pleased to report that we gathered about 250 signatures from both Panamanians (who easily read and signed the questionnaire) and Expats, who signed a separate petition about changing juvenile laws here in Panama – punishment consistent with the crime. Many thanks to the volunteers – Marion Torgany, Carmen Restrepo, Norma Humphries, Bob Gregory and Tom from Alto a crimen, who gave their time to collect information. If anyone still wants to sign this petition you can stop in at Chiriqui Storage office; I will keep these papers until next week when the government is accessible. I plan on bringing the papers to Diputada Athena, and other government officials.

Donations for Marion Clamp added up to about $230.00; hopefully this can help a little with her hospital bill. You can still donate at the Chiriqui Storage office, weekdays between 10 and 3pm.

I should add that I had a donation of $250 sent to my PayPal account, that will be added to the CS donations.

You have my personal thanks for being interested in the efforts to bring more recognition to the crime situation in Chiriquí and across Panama and for the donations to Marion’s hospital account.

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