Gas Prices November 1

It has been a while since I posted gas prices.

From top to bottom are diesel, 91 octane, and 95 octane. Remember that Panama uses a different octane rating standard. The U.S. octane ratings would be 87 and 91.

The prices are in liters and corresponding gallon prices would be $2.24. $2.48 and $2.66.

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10 thoughts on “Gas Prices November 1

  1. Who ever sets these prices are soul less cretins! Prices in the States are less, and they get (most? all?) their petrol from the Middle East. Panama’, from just next-door in Venezuela.

  2. In the UK diesel at the moment is £1.11 ($1.72) per litre. Converting to U.S. gallons that works out at approx. $6.50 a gallon. So $0.592 per litre of diesel looks good to me.

  3. 90 percent of gasoline in the US comes from the US and Canada. Shale oil and tar sands are large contributors of crude used to make aforementioned. The US also exports refined oil products to Venezuela! I don’t know where Panama gets their gasoline from. I am curious how prices are set here. A multi billion dollar refinery was planned for Puerto Armuelles, but the deal fell through.

  4. The most recent data I could find for the USA is here:

    Panama is now adding ethanol to their gasoline for the last 2 years. The ethanol is made from sugar cane grown in Panama. E10 is planned to be the maximum percentage. Sounds like good news but gas prices will include modifications to the gas stations selling E10. There are many factors controlling gas prices besides the price of crude.

    FYI, gas mileage with ethanol is lower than with pure gasoline by about 3%.

  5. just returned from california, nevada & arizona, all have similar gas prices to panama, some remote areas were well over $3/ gallon

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