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A Final Thought On A “Personal” Blog

I posted a comment on Richard Detrich’s personal blog saying that my refer back comment had not been posted. A refer back is a link from another source that is related to a current Post. My comment also contained a link to my post, which is what the refer back would have done.

It got posted because I have commented there before and WordPress remembers you. I took a screen capture of my comment before I posted. It is below.


I then posted the comment and when it displayed, I took a screen capture. It stayed up long enough that I thought Richard had no problem with his readers seeing a differing opinion. I was happy to see that and deleted my screen capture.

Richard’s blog received a lot of hits because of my post and he commented on my blog.

Then, I guess he saw my comment on his blog and responded to it on my blog stating why he does not allow refer backs. He must have had second thoughts and decided to delete my comment from his blog. Possibly he concluded that it wasn’t putting him in the most objective light.

When I saw that my comment had been deleted, I posted another comment, which went into moderation mode. Shown below. Continue reading A Final Thought On A “Personal” Blog

MC Update October 23

With this post, I am going to change the frequency of updates. Marion’s progress is going slow and it makes no sense to report that there is no change today.

She is very weak and I think improvement is going to be measured in weeks as opposed to days.

Therefore, I am not going to post more than once or twice a week. No posts should be assumed to be reasonable progress.

We are currently visiting only twice a day because more is too tiring for Marion. Deborah’s visits are also kept short. Lilliam is supplementing Marian’s hospital food with easily digestible soups. All that can be done is being done.

If you need more frequent information, write me an email and I will respond.

No visitations until it is posted here.

My mouth is my superpower…faster than the speed of thought.

Be Careful of Bias

When monetary influences enter into blogging, then it is easy to turn the blind eye to maintaining total objectivity.

I hope those influences are not the reason for my fellow Panama blogger, Richard Dietrich, posting his current blog entitled “Good Reasons To Come To Panama”.

The way it is presented, it appears as an endorsement of the development he is quoting. Since Richard doesn’t qualify any descriptions, I have to assume he has no concern as to their accuracy.

The development is in Boca Chica  Boca Brava island, which happens to be close to where Richard has a $395,000 waterfront property for sale.

I continuously advise prospects that are considering Panama as a retirement home, to try it first before investing anything. Live in an area close to where you think you might want to live, to see if it is right for you. I believe that a minimum amount of time is 6 months to maybe 10 months. Continue reading Be Careful of Bias

Checkup Time 2015

A couple months ago, I went to see Dra. Marta Sánchez for the annual prostrate exam.

All went well, however, this year I also needed to see an internist to get a letter stating I am in good health and qualify to get a driver’s license. In Panama, this is required every two years following your 70th birthday. Prior to 70 it costs $40 for a 4 year license, i.e $10/year. After 70 it cost $40 for a 2 year license, i.e. $20/year.

Dra. Marta had recommended Dr, Héctor R. Caballero, who is an internist as well as a specialist in diabetes. My dad had diabetes, and I had asked her if she had an internist with experience in diabetes.

When Lilliam called, to set up an appointment, the admin asked if I spoke Spanish. My name had raised the red flag of a potentially Spanish challenged client.

Lilliam said my Spanish should suffice and she would be there as well. Apparently, Dr. Caballero wasn’t taking any more patients that only spoke English because of past communication problems.

This is why all people planning on living in Panama need to learn Spanish. While you can find doctors that speak English, you will be limiting your options.

I was extremely impressed with Dr. Caballero. It may have been the most thorough exam I have had, He asked me to get a special blood test, since my sugar level is borderline. I did that yesterday and will have the results for the next visit in a couple weeks.

He did provide the required letter for the transit authority. I will get that taken care of before the end of the month.

The office visit was $50. $40 with the jubilado discount. I got the blood test at Hospital Mae Lewis, since we are there every day and no need for a special trip to Hospital Chiriqui to get the results.The blood test was around $16.

My appointment yesterday was for 1:30 PM. We were told to be a little early. We arrived at 1:00PM. We entered the doctor office at about 2:45 PM..

We were entertained in the waiting room by a confused woodpecker. At least I think it was a woodpecker.

I kept hearing this noise. For a while I thought someone was working outside. It continued and I finally noticed this bird pecking at the corner of the windows. He would leave and return. I am not sure what he thought he was going to accomplish by tapping on the window, but he did keep me amused. As you can see, it doesn’t take much to amused.