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Healthcare Reality in Panama and The Cost of Living

No talk about the cost of living should exclude the topic of healthcare and planning for it. I have no problem with publications saying that healthcare is cheaper in Panama than the US, however, comparisons in quality are seldom mentioned.

If you live in Chiriquí, where I live, there are two reasonably large private hospitals. There are other private clinics and there are public clinics and hospitals. The availability of having places to go is not the problem. It is what is going to happen once you get there.

I volunteer as a Warden for the U.S. Embassy representing the David, Chiriqui area. This puts me in touch with many cases, usually at the public Regional Hospital (The Social Security Hospital).

That is because most accidents or other serious emergency cases are either taken there immediately or sent there when they are refused admittance at a private hospital. Continue reading Healthcare Reality in Panama and The Cost of Living

WAZE Is My Navigation App

If you have a smart phone one app I find very beneficial is WAZE. When I travel to the US, I use it and I use it here in Panama.

It has just gone through a major upgrade and the display is even better than it was in the past. If you are in David and can’t see any street signs, WAZE will know where you are and give you the exact location.

When I was trying to learn a new way to drive from my house to Robert at Hogar Santa Catalina I used WAZE. It plotted my course. I was returning from the airport one day and needed to go see Robert and WAZE took me a way I would never have known.

I have found it better in Panama than Google Maps and much better than Apple Maps.

There was an article in USA Today on WAZE. That is what reminded me I haven’t written about WAZE in some time.


Have you ever woke up and thought you were a human equivalent of a typo.

Getting Caught With Your Pants Down

For those new to Panama, a PUSH is a place known as a “Love Hotel” or BYOB (Bring your own broad or boy). It sometimes is used as a way to have a little privacy for couples living with parents.

It is also used by men or women sharing time with someone other than their significant other.

Kris wrote a post on a Push Button on her blog, If you want to see inside.

Yesterday, it appears that three people posed as clients to gain entrance to the Beverly Hills Garden establishment and robbed clients and staff for more then $1,500.

As you can see, crime is not just hitting the residences.

Amazing what news I get by subscribing to the Chiriquí Noticias Twitter.


Good morning. You have 61 Facebook events today, 18 challenges, one Candy Crush invite and Tim’s dead.

Lilliam Had Her 6 Month Cancer Checkup

Lilliam has her 6 month checkup with Dr. Bullen today. Doctor Bullen comes from Panama City once a month. For an appointment, you can see the first post I did announcing that he was coming to David.

I had a second post when the office opened.

Dr. Bullen invited me to be in the room for Lilliam’s examination. Since her cancer was a skin cancer, he inspected all of her skin. Literally from head to toe.

When he inspected the scalp, he moved all strands of hair looking for suspicious areas. He checked the bottom of the feet. He said different areas were susceptible to different types of cancer. Some cancers much more serious than others.

While he didn’t look at 100% of her body, he probably looked at 95%.. I was impressed at how thorough he was.

Lilliam got a clean bill of health and will return for next 6 month visit. It is really nice that she can see him in David and not have to go to Panama City.

Driver’s License Renewal Complete

Yesterday I went by the driver’s license office with a letter from my doctor and a scanned copy of my cedula.

I had to take an eye exam. The fellow in front of me failed and was not given a license. He could drive home because his license was good until the end of the month.

I passed the eye exam and then moved to the auditory exam. I passed that as well. I am good for another two years.

When leaving the auditory exam, i was told that my age provided a discount and my cost would be $20. This validates comments on a pervious post.

My receipt is below.

Click to enlarge
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