The Buffalo House Revisited

Last Thursday, Lilliam and I met Fran Hogan at the Buffalo House for lunch. My first visit to The Buffalo House is HERE and it contains directions and the menu.

On Thursday, we all ordered from the Lunch Menu (M-F Only), which gives you one entree, one side and a large bottle drink for $6.75.

Lilliam ordered the chicken tenders with Parmesan and garlic sauce. I ordered the pulled pork. I ordered pickles and it also came with a slice of american cheese. If you con’t want cheese, remember to say so when you order.

Lilliam took yucca and I took onion rings. Lilliam liked the way the yucca was done and I had onion rings the last time, which is why I reordered them.


Fran had wings and they are not pictured.

I think we would all say that we had a good meal for the price.

It is been a while since Fran and I had been able to talk. Of course we have been in touch via the Internet, but in person, it was oh so much more – I guess the word would be ‘personal’.

We talked about Lilliam’s and my visit with Marion and how this tragedy has turned a wonderful person and her daughter’s lives upside down.

We discussed how everyone is on edge because of the uptick in violent crime, and the frustrations of wondering what it is going to take before action is seen.

We also had fun commiserating about our banishment from Boquete Ning. We wondered how many of us that are out there and if there should be a reunion. Of course some of our favorites are still there either in their original persona or in newly created one.

We wondered if it would be appropriate to have t-shirts made for the reunion. We have the perfect image to put on the t-shirts.


It was a good lunch and I really enjoyed my visit with Fran. It helped remove some of the stress that I feel each day that Lilliam and I visit Marion.

I apologize for this restaurant post ending on a low note, but at the moment I feel a little low. I think crime and violence will get worse before real action is taken. I am reminded of the effect of these home invasions each day when go to Hospital Mae Lewis.

19 thoughts on “The Buffalo House Revisited

  1. Sigh…dont be sorry, We’re all in this together. Its great that you got to connect with Fran and to feel a little more connected to others who care as much as you do about his wonderful place we all have come to know as home. 🙂

  2. My wings were excellent but Don Ray was not fast enough with the camera before I did serious damage to them. It was so good to catch up with Don and spend time with Lilliam, who I had not met previously. I love her! Getting real and extensive information about our friend Marion, who is not out of the woods yet and who is still a great worry for us. Good talk and shared theories about the increase in crime in Chiriqui.

    Ning has only itself to blame for the fact that it has destroyed what was once an important source of information and entertainment. It is no longer relevant.

  3. Don…..We are as well feeling as you do. I do believe many out there sense that signing a petition en-mass will effect change in our lifetime with regard to getting the kids with guns under 18yr old who commit murder off the streets. We will sign the petition. That said…we do not hold our breath and would not be surprised to see no change in the law while we are alive. We agree with you that it will no doubt get worse. The frustration expressed by government authorities in Chiriqui is palpable.

    We can not let down our guard. Keep yourself and your family protected. That’s our take, sad to say.

    The recent untimely death of Lee Zeltzer is as well a heartbreak. The fact that the communication network among us is now scattered about many different sites is a concern.
    We appreciate you Don and as well ChiriquiLife , BoqueteNews,and to a limited degree .NING.

    The splinter between AAC and RodnyDirect is another unhappy recent happening. This is a time we need to be united and supportive of one another and not purposely divisive. I do hope this gets resolved ASAP.

    Stay Safe

    Alison and Bill

  4. we need to know the good and the bad, the highs and the lows..we need to be informed and educated… Thanks for sharing and all that you do for us who care.

  5. Cheese on pulled pork? I don’t think so!
    Someone asked about a Mac tech in David on Ning and I posted a link to your blog and told them to ask you about it. I wonder if that will get me banned? 😉

  6. Can’t wait to go to this restaurant! We LOVE wings! Fran is our neighbor and a great one at that. We always depend on her when we need her and she can always come to us! Glad you had such a nice lunch with Fran!

  7. It would be my fondest wish for you, Don Ray, and Fran to team up together to form a new and improved site, a’ la, Ning. Though, I do know you’re both bogged down with other important projects. You two are true heroes of Chiriqui!

  8. I bought a couple bags of their wings, tenders and a pulled port sandwich.

    I froze the tenders and wings, and am enjoying them.

    The pulled port sandwich was the big surprise though. It was really tasty. The onion rings were excellent. Only one restaurant chain in the U.S. has better onion rings, i.e., Sonic. So, yes, they were very good onion rings.

    I’m going back for more pulled port sandwich and rings soon.

  9. Add me to the list.
    Wuz inquiries bout cinnamon toast whut dun me in yonder.
    Cinnamon toast. Really. Truly. Cinnamon toast.
    I am breened. The silver lining, of course, is the august company.
    Yet one cannot help but wonder at the, um, lofty intellectual capabilities and, er, moral certitude that lead to taking umbrage with … cinnamon toast.

    Huh. I thought everybody liked cinnamon toast!

    with a gast thoroughly flabbered,


  10. Hi Don Ray,

    First off you’re a prince. It was nice to speak to you at the embassy outreach.

    Concerning the violence, I have a legal air rifle that breaks the sound barrier. With the scope it looks as bad as Bradley Cooper’s.

    I’m in your vicinity, towards USMA, a nice new urbanization. I go out in the back yard every so often and fire off a few rounds. PAA..KEEEOOW. The sound of any rifle breaking the sound barrier gets the word out but good.

    No problems, and I’ve been living offshore since the 80s. (Spain, PR, DR, CR)

  11. Prince? I doubt it. I have been mistaken for a court jester.

    I have been considering getting an air rifle or postal as well.

    Thanks for the kind words and taking the time to leave a comment.

  12. Karen, Do you have a Stoeger? I am also assuming that it is a .22 caliber?

    In addition, did you buy this airgun in Panama?

    Now, a comment: shooting at a human being in any situation is quite different than target plinking. Not many folks are inured enough to do so. Usually, those who are hunters and have taken large animals like deer or elk, or farmers or cattlemen who have had to put down their own livestock, have lesser hesitation in the moral decision to possibly take someone’s life no matter the threat.

    Even those trained in the armed forces have issues with this dilemma, of not being able to defend themselves, or to pull a trigger at a human object.

    However, in a life threatening situation, hesitation is a bad thing.

    Do you have any psychological tips in overcoming such trepidation?

    Thanks for any help, suggestions, or advice you have.

  13. I got into this for info and got a message that my computer info has been suspended from Boquete, Panama information. I don’t even know if I should get into this OR is it a fraud or hacker? I am not computer literate and afraid to touch a button. Why in the hell would they put this regarding Boquete?

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