Hello Moon

IMG_0807On this morning’s walk the moon was up to greet us. We have missed a few days because of other activities and it is good to be back in the routine.

Lilliam got to visit with a friend of hers and they talked about the home invasions and how they need to be careful.

Lilliam told her friend if she heard anything, to not leave her bedroom and to call the police. The talked about how times have changed and how crime has turned violent. Lilliam’s friend lives alone and those are the ones most vulnerable.

It was a short visit, but I can tell what is on everyone’s minds.

Our walk continued and Lilliam’s spirit was not dampened. Besides the moon was up smiling at us. It is going to be a good day.

When we got back to the house, the news was playing. The commentator stated that the most violent provence in Panama is Chiriquí. English speaking residents, most likely didn’t listen to the news.

The moon is up. My spirits are up. However, crime is up too. Be careful out there.

7 thoughts on “Hello Moon

  1. Don, there are many insignificant hints people can exercise that would go a long way to deter violence. Getting a pellet pistol at Novey’s is an example. Not looking rich or flashing money is another, small dogs are better than big ones, etc, etc, Maybe you could write a list?

  2. The thugs who may be children must start to die as they invade peoples homes. Then this would deter them from doing it, no matter how much bad press come out of it. Maybe they would start telling on the adults who are having them do this stuff.

  3. A great deterrent is “Wasp Spray”, it shoots 20 feet and hurts just as much as Pepper Spray. Also a large electric or battery operated bell on the outside alerts neighbors that something is not right at your house.

  4. Hi Joe, If people understand the threat, they will come up with a list. If they keep buying books on Paradise and taking relocation tours, they will become victims.

    PP, The Victim of the Potrerillos armed robbery had wasp spray and since there were several intruders it wasn’t effective.

    It can be part of the arsenal, but not the only thing.

  5. “English speaking residents, most likely didn’t listen to the news.”

    That’s unfortunate. Television watching is, in my opinion, a useful didactic device.

    And more so in today’s world because television stations make clips available.

    An example:

    “Ministro Aguilera busca reducir la violencia en Chiriquí”


    It’s a thirteen minute clip. The player allows repositioning to focus on missed words. And it’s current.

  6. Gun may not work either if you cant reach it before they get in. Rirse if they are more . Every situation is different.

    Lilliam lock yousrlf in the bedroom and csll poluce snd a neighnor or friend on the cell. Plan ways to stay safe while hrlp is coming. We lock our bedroom . If someone breaks in after going through the msny doors befire getting to our bedroom well havr tome to lock ourselves in our bedrooms bathroom call for help. They may be ibterested in taking stuff out.

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