MC Update October 29

It has been about six days since my last update. Long enough that I have received lots of questions, emails, phone calls and I feel an update might be in order.

For those just tuning in, this is followup to THIS POST.

Marion sends her appreciation for all that have sent and continue to send her good wishes and are keeping her in their thoughts.

She is still weak and over the last week, there have been ups and downs. She has been on and off solid foods and is currently back on. By being on solids, you should no assume that she is able to tolerate complete meals.

She gets full with just a couple spoonfuls And when she feels full she is not comfortable. She sometimes feels nauseous after having eaten little. I wasn’t able to see the doctor today, but will try later today or tomorrow.

We were surprised to go one day just after the police had left from getting Marion’s statement. Apparently they were there about 2 1/2 hours. Obviously they needed her statement to continue their investigation.

Marion said she wasn’t sure she helped them much because It was dark, and it happened very fast. The good news is that the police do not need to return to talk to her further.

She said they had an interpreter, who said he knew me and would be in touch with me, but that hasn’t happened.

Marion is sitting up some, walking some, and she is getting therapy, but all is in extreme moderation because it doesn’t take much to tire her.

There has been improvement from when she entered the first night. There is still a long way to go. This case is not a normal case. The big problem, to overcome, is getting the stomach to work well enough that she is getting sufficient nutrition and at the moment, that is not there.

So final notes. I told Marion to let me know when she would consider some visitations. She reiterated that at the moment it was extremely tiring to communicate.

Therefore, there are still NO VISITATIONS.

Deborah left Mexico with several loose ends dangling and has returned for a few days to tie them up. If anyone needs to talk to Deborah, you can email me and I will forward the email to her.

Next, I have had several people ask about sending flowers. The hospital policy is to not allow flowers in the room. You will sometimes see flowers in the hall. I would say spending money on flowers is a waste of money. I think you can still leave messages in a sign-in book and they will be read.

To reiterate what I said in my last MC post, things are moving very slow. I don’t expect to see much change occurring in a short time. The biggest hurdle is to get the stomach and all of the body plumbing working. That will be real progress.

All for now.

My next MC Update will occur in approximately a week or if there is some big change.

Thanks again for all the support that has been given. I appreciate it and I know that the family appreciates it.

5 thoughts on “MC Update October 29

  1. The money one would spend on flowers that she will no doubt ever see would be best donated for her on-going care. There are places to do that. I believe Chiriqui Storage is one of them.

  2. We send our love…although she does not know us. Tells her there are strangers that care.
    Alison and Bill

  3. Gracias por mantenernos informados, no no la conozco, pero mis mejores deseo de total recuperacion, la tendré en mis oraciones.


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